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LCD unit manufacturers are used to removing datasheets and specs on their out-of-date products from public domain. That's why there are no any guarantees for reliability of all published information in the list below. To fetch out of production models switch on “show obsolete” selector (obsolete records are marked by gray color). And to fetch unofficial records switch on “show unconfirmed” selector (unconfirmed records are marked by red color).

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Size ("):


Color depth:

Color gamut (% NTSC):
Luminance (cd/m2):

Contrast ratio:
Viewing angles (о):
Response time (ms):

Dimensions (mm)
Power (W)
Weight (gr)
Coat type
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LTN154P1TN TFT 1680×1050 262K (6 bit), 45% 185, 600 :1 130/100 252×LVDS344.0 × 222.0 × 6.5 CCFL560
LTN154P1-L01TN TFT 1680×1050 262K (6 bit) 2×LVDS CCFL
LTN154P1-L02TN TFT 1680×1050 262K (6 bit) 2×LVDS CCFL
LTN154P1-L03TN TFT 1680×1050 262K (6 bit) 185, 300:1 130/100 1×LVDS, 30-pin344.0 × 222.0 × 6.1 4.41×CCFL580 matte

December 13, 2005—June 20, 2018
Maxim Proskurnya
Sources: Panelook, Impact Computers & Electronics, PC Hub, LCD Parts, EEchain, ASDA Tech, Zamena LCD