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LCD unit manufacturers are used to removing datasheets and specs on their out-of-date products from public domain. That's why there are no any guarantees for reliability of all published information in the list below.

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Seria & Model:

Panel Manufacturer:



Total: 2355, displayed: 2355
VAIO VGN-UX180P4.5" 1024×600Sharp LS045W1LA01 (TN TFT)
Libretto 50CT6.1" 640×480Sharp LQ61D133 (TN TFT)
Libretto 70CT6.1" 640×480Sharp LQ61D133 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 4G7.0" 800×480AUO A070VW04 (TN TFT)
Libretto 100CT7.1" 640×480Sharp LQ71Y03 (TN TFT)
Libretto 110CT7.1" 640×480Sharp LQ71Y03 (TN TFT)
Portege 300ct7.1" 640×480Sharp LQ71Y03 (TN TFT)
MobilePro 7508.1" 640×240Sharp LM8M64 (CSTN)
MobilePro 7708.1" 640×240Sharp LM8M64 (CSTN)
LifeBook B1428.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM08C342F (TN TFT)
T4500C8.4" 640×480Sharp LQ9D013 (TN TFT)
Satellite 1950CT8.4" 640×480Sharp LQ9D023 (TN TFT)
Satellite 1960CT8.4" 640×480Sharp LQ9D02C (TN TFT)
Satellite 2400CT8.4" 640×480Sharp LQ9D02C (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 2400CT8.4" 640×480Sharp LQ9D023 (TN TFT)
Aspire One 110-Aw8.9" 1024×600AUO B089AW01 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire One ZG58.9" 1024×600AUO B089AW01 V1 (TN TFT)
T91MT8.9" 1024×600CMO N089L6-L03 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 7008.9" 1024×600AUO A089SW01 V0 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 9018.9" 1024×600AUO A089SW01 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 904HD8.9" 1024×600AUO A089SW01 (TN TFT)
Versa 2200C9.4" 640×480NEC NL6448AC30-10 (TN TFT)
Versa M9.4" 640×480NEC NL6448AC30-10 (TN TFT)
Versa V509.4" 640×480NEC NL6448AC30-10 (TN TFT)
Portege 610CT9.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM09C031A (TN TFT)
Satellite 2450CT9.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM09C016 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4700CT9.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM09C016 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4800CT9.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM09C016 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4850CT9.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM09C016 (TN TFT)
Satellite 1900C9.5" 640×480Sharp LM64C089 (DSTN)
Satellite 1910CS9.5" 640×480Sharp LM64C149 (DSTN), Sharp LM64C149 (DSTN)
Satellite 1960CS9.5" 640×480Sharp LM64C089 (DSTN)
Satellite 4700CT9.5" 640×480Toshiba LTM09C012 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4700CS9.5" 640×480Sharp LM64C149 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 2400CS9.5" 640×480Sharp LM64C149 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 2450CT9.5" 640×480Toshiba LTM09C012 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1001HA10.0" 1024×600Hannstar HSD100IFW1-A (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1001P10.0" 1024×600Hannstar HSD100IFW1-A (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1001PX10.0" 1024×600Hannstar HSD100IFW1-A (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1015PW10.0" 1024×600Hannstar HSD100IFW4 (TN TFT)
Eee PC T101MT10.0" 1024×600Hannstar HSD100IFW1-A (TN TFT)
Wind U10010.0" 1024×600Hannstar HSD100IFW1-A (TN TFT)
NAV5010.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW03 (TN TFT)
Aspire One 531H-0BK10.1" 1024×600CMO N101L6-L02 (TN TFT)
Aspire One 53310.1" 1024×600LG.Philips LP101WSA (TL)(N1) (TN TFT)
Aspire One D150-0Bk10.1" 1024×600CMO N101L6-L02 (TN TFT)
Aspire One D25010.1" 1024×600CMO N101L6-L02 (TN TFT)
Aspire One D255-2Ckk10.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW06 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire One D25710.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW06 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire One D26010.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW06 (TN TFT)
Aspire One HAPPY-2DQb2b10.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW06 (TN TFT)
Aspire One HAPPY-2DQpp10.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW06 (TN TFT)
Aspire One Happy2-N578Qyy10.1" 1024×600CMO N101L6-L0D (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1005PXD10.1" 1024×600IVO M101NWT2 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1008HA10.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW02 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1008P10.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW02 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1018P10.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW06 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 101110.1" 1024×600CMO N101L6-L02 (TN TFT)
Mini 21010.1" 1024×600Innolux BT101IW03 V0 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN101NT02-102 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad S10-210.1" 1024×600Samsung LTN101NT02 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad S10-3t10.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW02 V3 (TN TFT)
Packard Bell
NAV5010.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW03 (TN TFT)
PAV8010.1" 1024×600AUO B101AW06 (TN TFT), CMO N101L6-L0D Rev. C1 (TN TFT)
N220Plus10.1" 1024×600CMO N101L6-L01 (TN TFT)
NC1010.1" 1024×600Samsung LTN101NT02 (TN TFT)
NC11010.1" 1024×600Samsung LTN101NT08 (TN TFT)
N14510.1" 1024×600Samsung LTN101NT06 (TN TFT)
N150 Plus10.1" 1024×600CMO N101L6-L01 (TN TFT)
NP-N15010.1" 1024×600Innolux BT101IW03 V0 (TN TFT)
NP-NC11010.1" 1024×600Samsung LTN101NT08 (TN TFT)
Libretto NB20010.1" 1024×600LG.Philips LP101WSA (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Aspire One 531H-0BK10.1" 1280×720Samsung LTN101AT01-A01 (TN TFT)
Iconia Tab A50110.1" 1280×800AUO B101EW05 V1 (MVA)
Eee Pad TF20110.1" 1280×800Hannstar HSD101PWW2 (HS-IPS)
TF30010.1" 1024×576Hannstar HSD101PWW1 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1025C10.1" 1024×576Hannstar HSD101PFW4-A00 Rev. 0 (TN TFT)
Mini 11010.1" 1024×576Hannstar HSD101PFW2 (TN TFT)
Mini 214010.1" 1024×576CMO N101N6 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad S10e10.1" 1024×576CMO N101N6-L02 (TN TFT)
NC1010.1" 1024×576Hannstar HSD101PFW2 (TN TFT)
N13010.1" 1024×576Hannstar HSD101PFW2 (TN TFT)
N14010.1" 1024×576Hannstar HSD101PFW2-A (TN TFT)
N10E10.2" 1024×600CPT CLAA102NA0ACW (TN TFT)
Mini 1001TU10.2" 1024×600CPT CLAA102NA2CCN (TN TFT)
IdeaPad S1010.2" 1024×600CPT CLAA102NA0ACW (TN TFT)
Wind U11510.2" 1024×600CPT CLAA102NA0ACW (TN TFT)
NC1010.2" 1024×600CPT CLAA102NA0ACW (TN TFT)
Extensa 355C10.4" 640×480Hitachi LMG-9460-XUCC (STN)
Extensa 39010.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-CG53-22NTK (DSTN)
Extensa 560CD10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C35P (DSTN)
Ascentia 280M10.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-DA53-22NSW (STN)
Ascentia 810N10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C35P (DSTN)
Contura 420010.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-CJ53-22NEK (STN)
Contura 420C10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C353 (DSTN)
LifeBook 435DX10.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-CG53-22NTK (DSTN)
ThinkPad 360CSE10.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-CE53-22NEK (STN)
SERIES 500CD10.4" 640×480Samsung LT104V3-105 (TN TFT)
SERIES 53010.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-CG53-22NTK (DSTN)
Transport VLX10.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-DD53-22NEK (DSTN)
Green 74010.4" 640×480Hitachi LMG-9400-XUCC (STN)
VAIO PCG-505F10.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM10C272S (TN TFT)
Satellite 100CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C509 (DSTN)
Satellite 105CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C509 (DSTN)
Satellite 115CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C509 (DSTN)
Satellite 2100CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite 2130CT10.4" 640×480Sharp LQ10D363 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2135CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite 2150CDS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite 2150CDT10.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM10C021 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4900CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C509 (DSTN)
Satellite 4900CT10.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM10C021 (TN TFT)
Satellite T2100CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite T2105CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite T2110CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite T2115CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 2150CDS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 2155CDS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 2155CDT10.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM10C021 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 400CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 405CS10.4" 640×480Sharp LM64C389 (DSTN)
TS30PG10.4" 640×480Sanyo LM-CG53-22NTK (DSTN)
Z-NoteFlex P10.4" 640×480Toshiba LTM10C025 (TN TFT)
TravelMate C10010.4" 1024×768Toshiba LTM10C321K (TN TFT)
TravelMate C11010.4" 1024×768Toshiba LTD104KA1S (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM10C321K (TN TFT), BOE HyDis HT10X21-311 (AFFS)
Compaq TC100010.4" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT10X21-311 (AFFS)
Compaq TC110010.4" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT10X21-311 (AFFS)
Toughbook CF-R110.4" 1024×768Toshiba LTM10C320P (TN TFT)
PC MM111010.4" 1024×768Toshiba LTD104EA5W (TN TFT)
Portege 320CT10.4" 1024×768Sharp LQ10W03A (TN TFT)
LTE 520010.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM10C039 (TN TFT)
Solo P3C10.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM10C038 (TN TFT)
OmniBook 500010.4" 800×600Hitachi TX26D80VC1CAA (DSTN)
ThinkPad 24010.4" 800×600Hitachi TX26D32VC1CAA (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 240X10.4" 800×600Hitachi TX26D32VC1CAA (TN TFT)
SERIES 53010.4" 800×600Samsung LT104S1-101 (TN TFT)
SERIES 560CD10.4" 800×600Samsung LT104S1-101 (TN TFT)
Multimedia Model 8610.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM10C039 (TN TFT)
Notebook Computer
5400Pt10.4" 800×600Samsung LT104S1-102 (TN TFT)
Portege 3010CT10.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM10C286 (TN TFT)
Portege 3015CT10.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM10C286 (TN TFT)
Portege 3020CT10.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM10C286 (TN TFT)
Portege 3110CT10.4" 800×600Toshiba LTM10C348 (TN TFT)
LifeBook P701010.6" 1280×768Sharp LQ106K1LA01 (TN TFT)
LifeBook P712010.6" 1280×768Sharp LQ106K1LA01 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TR110.6" 1280×768Sharp LQ106K1LA01-L01 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TR210.6" 1280×768Sharp LQ106K1LA01-L01 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TR310.6" 1280×768Sharp LQ106K1LA01-L01 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-T2XRP10.6" 1280×768Sharp LQ106K1LA01D (TN TFT)
LifeBook P723010.6" 1280×800Toshiba LTD106EXXF (TN TFT)
S6F11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXDA (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TX1XRP11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXCX (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TX2XG11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXCA (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TX3HRP11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXCA (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TX3P11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXCA (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TX3XRP11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXCZ (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TX650P11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXCZ (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TX70011.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EXCK (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-TZ3RXN11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EWAX (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-X11S1R11.1" 1366×768Toshiba LTD111EE06000 (TN TFT)
AcerNote Light 370C11.3" 640×480Hitachi LMG-9930-ZWCC (DSTN)
Extensa 575CDT11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C20PA (STN)
Extensa 61011.3" 800×600Sanyo LM-FH53-22NEK (DSTN)
PowerBook 1400c11.3" 800×600Sharp LQ11S42 (TN TFT)
Armada 1500MT11.3" 800×600Sanyo LM-FH53-22NTW (DSTN)
Armada 412011.3" 800×600Sanyo LM-FH53-22NFK (DSTN)
HighNote VP TS30G11.3" 800×600Sanyo LM-FE53-22NTS (DSTN)
Solo 210011.3" 800×600Sharp LQ11S31 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 365XD11.3" 800×600Sanyo LM-FG53-22NDK (DSTN)
ThinkPad 760EL11.3" 800×600Torisan LM-FE53-22NDK (DSTN)
SERIES 500CD11.3" 800×600Sanyo LM-FE53-22NSK (DSTN)
Transport Trek MRX11.3" 800×600Fujitsu FLC29SVC6S-02 (TN TFT)
Versa 6000H11.3" 800×600NEC NL8060BC29-01 (TN TFT)
Portege 650CT11.3" 800×600Sharp LQ11S613 (TN TFT)
Portege 660CT11.3" 800×600Sharp LQ11S613 (TN TFT)
Satellite 110CS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN), Sharp LM80C27 (DSTN)
Satellite 110CT11.3" 800×600Toshiba LTM11C011 (TN TFT)
Satellite 115CS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN)
Satellite 200CDS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN), Sharp LM80C27 (DSTN)
Satellite 205CDS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 420CDS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 425CDS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 430CDS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 435CDS11.3" 800×600Sharp LM80C219 (DSTN)
Armada M30011.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM11C307S (TN TFT)
Portege 3440CT11.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM11C307 (TN TFT)
Portege 3480CT11.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM11C307 (TN TFT)
Portege 3490CT11.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM11C307 (TN TFT)
Aspire 1830T11.6" 1366×768AUO B116XW02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 1830TZ11.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN116AT03 (TN TFT)
Aspire V5-12311.6" 1366×768AUO B116XTN01.0 (TN TFT)
Aspire One 72511.6" 1366×768AUO B116XW03 V2 (TN TFT)
MacBook Air11.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP116WH4 (TJ)(A3) (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1101HA11.6" 1366×768AUO B116XW02 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1225C11.6" 1366×768IVO M116NWR1 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dm1-3201er11.6" 1366×768CMO N116B6-L04 C2 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad S20611.6" 1366×768IVO M116NWR1 R4 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Yoga 11s11.6" 1366×768AUO B116XAN02.0 (AHVA)
ThinkPad Edge 1111.6" 1366×768AUO B116XW01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X120e11.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP116WH1 (TL)(P1) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X121e11.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP116WH1 (TL)(P1) (TN TFT), AUO B116XW03 V1 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-YB3Q1R11.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN116AT04-S01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 2920-5A2G16Mi12.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW03 V7 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 300012.1" 1280×800CMO N121I1 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 302012.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW01 V5 (TN TFT)
F9E12.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW03 V3 (TN TFT)
W5N12.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EX1Z (TN TFT)
W5V12.1" 1280×800CMO N121I1-L02 (TN TFT)
Latitude D42012.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121W1-L02 (TN TFT)
Latitude X112.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EX9D (TN TFT)
Amilo Pro V320512.1" 1280×800CMO N121I3-L01 (TN TFT)
Esprimo Mobile U920012.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EXEV (TN TFT)
TB120 E-155C12.1" 1280×800BOE HyDis HV121WX4-110 ()
Compaq 2230s12.1" 1280×800CMO N121IA-L02 (TN TFT)
Compaq 2510p12.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EW7V (TN TFT), AUO B121EW07 V0 (TN TFT)
Compaq 2710p12.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121W4-01 (TN TFT)
Compaq nc240012.1" 1280×800CMO N121I3-L02 (TN TFT)
EliteBook 2530p12.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121W3-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion tx100012.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW05 (TN TFT), CMO N121I3-L01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD121EXVV (TN TFT), Samsung LTN121W1-L03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion tx200012.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121AT02 (TN TFT), AUO B121EW03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion tx2100er12.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121AT02 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad S1212.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121AT06 (TN TFT), CMO N121IB-L06 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X20012.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW09 V3 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X20112.1" 1280×800LG Display LP121WX3 (TL)(C1) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X201 Tablet12.1" 1280×800BOE HyDis HV121WX6-110 (AFFS)
ThinkPad X201i12.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121AT07-L02 (TN TFT), AUO B121EW09 V3 (TN TFT)
Mission A2Wide12.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW01 (TN TFT)
MegaBook MS-122412.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW03 V3 (TN TFT), CMO N121I3-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN121W1-L03-G (TN TFT)
MegaBook PR21112.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW03 V3 (TN TFT), CMO N121I3-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN121W1-L03-G (TN TFT)
MegaBook S27012.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW01 (TN TFT)
Packard Bell
EasyNote BG4612.1" 1280×800AUO B121EW03 V7 (TN TFT)
NP-Q21012.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121AT05 (TN TFT)
Q3012.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EX1S (TN TFT)
Q4512.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121W1-L03 (TN TFT)
Q45c12.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN121W1-L03 (TN TFT)
Q7012.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EX1S (TN TFT)
Portege R50012.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EWEK (TN TFT)
Portege R51012.1" 1280×800Toshiba LTD121EWEK (TN TFT)
Extensa 340T12.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L04 (TN TFT)
Extensa 39012.1" 800×600Sanyo LM-JK53-22NFR (DSTN)
Extensa 502T12.1" 800×600Hitachi TX31D27VC1CBB (TN TFT)
TravelMate 340T12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 514T12.1" 800×600Hitachi TX31D27VC1CBB (TN TFT)
P88T12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S56A (TN TFT)
iBook M245312.1" 800×600Samsung LT121SU-123 (TN TFT)
Ascentia M12.1" 800×600Samsung LT121SS-121 (TN TFT)
Armada 10012.1" 800×600Sanyo LM-JK63-22NTR (DSTN)
Armada 170012.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C278E (TN TFT)
Armada 50012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
Armada 770012.1" 800×600Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Armada 771012.1" 800×600Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Armada 773012.1" 800×600Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Armada 775012.1" 800×600Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Armada 776012.1" 800×600Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA (TN TFT)
LTE 505012.1" 800×600Sanyo LM-JK53-22NTR (DSTN)
LTE 530012.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C263 (TN TFT)
Presario 123012.1" 800×600Sanyo LM-JK63-22NTR (DSTN)
Presario 125512.1" 800×600Sanyo LM-JK63-22NTR (DSTN), Sharp LM12S471 (HPA)
Presario 125612.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S471 (HPA)
Presario 120012.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S471 (HPA)
Presario 123612.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
Presario 168112.1" 800×600NEC NL8060BC31-09 (TN TFT)
Presario 1900XL16012.1" 800×600LG.Philips LP121SA (A2)(QT) (TN TFT)
Inspiron 380012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L07 (TN TFT)
LifeBook 417012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L03B (TN TFT)
LifeBook 417712.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L03B (TN TFT)
LifeBook S451012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L04 (TN TFT)
LifeBook S452012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L04 (TN TFT)
Solo 115012.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP121SA (A2)(QT) (TN TFT)
Solo 210012.1" 800×600Mitsubishi AA12SB6C-ADFD (TN TFT)
Solo 215012.1" 800×600LG.Philips LP121SA (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP121SA (A2)(QT) (TN TFT)
Solo 220012.1" 800×600Mitsubishi AA12SB6C-ADFD (TN TFT)
Solo 230012.1" 800×600Sanyo LM-JK53-22NFR (DSTN), Sanyo LM-JK53-22NSQ (DSTN), Sanyo LM-JK53-22NTR (DSTN)
Solo 250012.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S481 (HPA), Mitsubishi AA121SD11 (TN TFT), Mitsubishi AA121SJ03 (TN TFT), Matsushita EDMGRB6KAF (DSTN), Sanyo TM121SV-02L01A (TN TFT)
Solo 255012.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH02 (TN TFT)
Solo 330012.1" 800×600LG.Philips LP121SA (A2)(QT) (TN TFT)
Solo 530012.1" 800×600Samsung LT121SU-121 (TN TFT)
Green 73512.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S56A (TN TFT)
OmniBook 210012.1" 800×600Samsung LT121S1-105 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE212.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S481 (HPA), Mitsubishi AA121SJ23 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n332012.1" 800×600Mitsubishi AA121SJ23 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 390X12.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i140012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i142012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i144112.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i150012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i154012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i172012.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L01 (TN TFT)
SERIES 57312.1" 800×600Hitachi LMG-9970-ZWCC (DSTN)
SERIES 573CD12.1" 800×600Hitachi LMG-9970-ZWCC (DSTN), Samsung LT121S1-153 (TN TFT)
X-73512.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S56A (TN TFT)
Model II12.1" 800×600Hosiden HLD1201-029220 (TN TFT)
VL12.1" 800×600Samsung LT121SS-121 (TN TFT), Samsung LT121SS-122 (TN TFT)
VL Plus12.1" 800×600Hosiden HLD1201-029220 (TN TFT)
Micro Flex Tech
FlexNote 73512.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S56A (TN TFT)
Transport GoBook12.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C278S (TN TFT), Samsung LT121SS-122 (TN TFT)
Transport Trek12.1" 800×600Samsung LT121S1-105 (TN TFT)
Transport Trek 212.1" 800×600Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-09 (TN TFT)
Transport Trek Millenia12.1" 800×600Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-01 (TN TFT)
Transport VLX Enhanced12.1" 800×600Samsung LT121S1-105 (TN TFT)
Transport Trek XPE12.1" 800×600Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-02 (TN TFT), Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-04 (TN TFT)
Multimedia Notebook
6200AT12.1" 800×600Hosiden HLD1201-029120 (TN TFT), Hosiden HLD1201-029220 (TN TFT)
Ready 220T12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S56A (TN TFT)
Versa 253012.1" 800×600Matsushita EDMGR68KDF (DSTN)
Versa AX12.1" 800×600Matsushita EDMGRB6KAF (DSTN), NEC NL8060BC31-13S (TN TFT)
Versa Note12.1" 800×600NEC NL8060BC31-13A (TN TFT)
Notebook Computer
5400Pt12.1" 800×600NEC NL8060BC31-01 (TN TFT)
Toughbook CF-3512.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S03 (TN TFT)
86212.1" 800×600Samsung LT121S1-153 (TN TFT)
NP662012.1" 800×600Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-05 (TN TFT)
PC A52012.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LS20 (TN TFT)
Portege 7000CT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Portege 7010CT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Portege 7020CT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Portege 7140CT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Portege 7200CT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Portege 7220CT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 105CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S389 (DSTN)
Satellite 1550CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM121SS1T709 (DSTN)
Satellite 1605CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM121SS1T709 (DSTN)
Satellite 1605CDT12.1" 800×600Sanyo TM121SV-02L03A (TN TFT)
Satellite 200CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S389 (DSTN)
Satellite 2100CDT12.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C283 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2180CDT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 220CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM121SS1T509 (DSTN)
Satellite 2210CDT12.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C283 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2250CDT12.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C283 (TN TFT)
Satellite 225CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S389 (DSTN)
Satellite 225CDT12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S389 (DSTN)
Satellite 259012.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1H13 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2590CDT12.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C283 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2610DVD12.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C283 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2675DVD12.1" 800×600Toshiba LTM12C283 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2750DVD12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 300CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S469 (DSTN), Sharp LM121SS1T509 (DSTN)
Satellite 300CDT12.1" 800×600Samsung LT121S1-101 (TN TFT)
Satellite 305CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S469 (DSTN)
Satellite 310CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S469 (DSTN)
Satellite 315CDS12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S469 (DSTN)
Satellite 470CDT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S353 (TN TFT), Samsung LT121S1-101 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM12C270 (TN TFT), NEC NL8060BC31-05 (TN TFT)
Satellite 480CDT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S353 (TN TFT), Samsung LT121S1-101 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM12C270 (TN TFT), NEC NL8060BC31-05 (TN TFT)
Satellite 490CDT12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S353 (TN TFT), Samsung LT121S1-101 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM12C270 (TN TFT), NEC NL8060BC31-05 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 440CDX12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S029 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 445CDX12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S029 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 460CDX12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S029 (DSTN)
Satellite Pro 465CDX12.1" 800×600Sharp LM12S029 (DSTN)
Tecra 500S12.1" 800×600Sharp LM80C361 (DSTN)
Tecra 800012.1" 800×600Sharp LQ121S1LH03 (TN TFT)
Green 73512.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S56A (TN TFT)
SlimNote VX2 233TZ12.1" 800×600Sharp LQ12S56A (TN TFT)
Elite 300012.1" 800×600Matsushita EDMGRB6KAF (DSTN)
iBook A100512.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN121X1-L02 (TN TFT)
iBook M649712.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN121X1-L02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP121X1 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP121X1 (A2)(C2) (TN TFT)
M5N / M5200N12.1" 1024×768IDTech IAXG02C (TN TFT)
S5N12.1" 1024×768IDTech IAXG02C (TN TFT)
320012.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X13-100 (TN TFT)
C350012.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTD121KA0S (TN TFT)
Evo n400c12.1" 1024×768Sanyo TM121XG-02L10 (TN TFT)
Evo n410c12.1" 1024×768Sanyo TM121XG-02L10 (TN TFT)
LTE 538012.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM12C025S (TN TFT)
Latitude C40012.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP121X04 (B2) (TN TFT)
Latitude D40012.1" 1024×768IDTech IAXG02D (TN TFT)
LifeBook S4562TK12.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN121X1-L03 (TN TFT)
LifeBook S457212.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN121X1-L03 (TN TFT)
LifeBook T301012.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTD121KA0F (TN TFT)
LifeBook T401012.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X21-230 (AFFS)
LifeBook T421012.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X21-240 (AFFS)
LifeBook T421512.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X21-240 (AFFS)
LifeBook T422012.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X21-240 (AFFS)
Solo 335012.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ121X1LH22 (TN TFT)
Compaq nc400012.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN121XJ-L03 (TN TFT)
Compaq nc401012.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN121XJ-L03 (TN TFT)
Compaq TC420012.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X21-221 (AFFS)
OmniBook 50012.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ121X1LH22 (TN TFT)
OmniBook 500B12.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ121X1LH22 (TN TFT)
OmniBook 570012.1" 1024×768Samsung LT121X1-121 (TN TFT)
OmniBook 5700ctx12.1" 1024×768Samsung LT121X1-121 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 760ED12.1" 1024×768IBM ITXG60Q (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X2012.1" 1024×768IBM ITXG00 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X2112.1" 1024×768IBM ITXG00 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X2212.1" 1024×768IBM IAXG01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X2412.1" 1024×768IBM IAXG01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X3112.1" 1024×768IDTech IAXG01M (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X4012.1" 1024×768IDTech IAXG02C (TN TFT), IDTech IAXG02S (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X40 Tablet12.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X21 (AFFS)
ThinkPad X4112.1" 1024×768IDTech IAXG02C (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X41 Tablet12.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT12X21 (AFFS)
ThinkPad X60s12.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN121XJ (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD121EC5S (TN TFT), BOE HyDis HT121X01-101 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X60t12.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HV121X03-100 (AFFS)
LT2012.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP121X04 (TN TFT)
LU20 166R12.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP121X04 (TN TFT)
Versa 6050MX12.1" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC24-04 (TN TFT)
Actius MV12W12.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ121X1LS52 (TN TFT)
Portege 200012.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM12C328 (TN TFT)
Portege 4***12.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM12C324 (TN TFT)
Portege A10012.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM12C505K (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM12C505N (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD121EA6N (TN TFT)
Portege M300 12.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ121X1LH73 (TN TFT)
Portege R10012.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTD121EA3K-Z (TN TFT)
UL6012.1" 1366×768Hannstar HSD121PHW1 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1201T12.1" 1366×768Hannstar HSD121PHW1-A (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1201PN12.1" 1366×768Hannstar HSD121PHW1 (TN TFT)
Eee PC 1215N12.1" 1366×768Hannstar HSD121PHW1 (TN TFT)
Wind U21012.1" 1366×768Hannstar HSD121PHW1 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X201i12.1" 1440×900Toshiba LTD121EQ3B (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X60t12.1" 1400×1050BOE HyDis HV121P01 (AFFS)
ThinkPad X61t12.1" 1400×1050BOE HyDis HV121P01 (AFFS)
ThinkPad X22012.5" 1366×768LG Display LP125WH2 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT), AUO B125XW01 V0 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN125AT01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad X220 4290RV512.5" 1366×768LG Display LP125WH2 (SL)(B1) (AH-IPS)
ThinkPad X23012.5" 1366×768AUO B125XW01 V0 (TN TFT), LG Display LP125WH2 (SL)(B3) (AH-IPS), LG Display LP125WH2 (SL)(B1) (AH-IPS)
ThinkPad Twist S230u12.5" 1366×768LG Display LP125WH2 (SL)(T1) (AH-IPS)
Chromebook Pixel12.9" 2560×1700LG Display LP129QE1 (SP)(A1) (AH-IPS)
Presario 1200XL300B13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN)
Presario 127513.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL30013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL30413.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL40013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL40113.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL40213.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL42113.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL42613.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL42713.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL42813.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL43013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL50013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL50113.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL50213.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL50413.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL50513.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL50913.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL51013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL51213.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL51313.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL51513.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL51713.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL51913.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL52013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL52113.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL52613.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL52713.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL53013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Presario 12XL53113.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN), Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Pavilion n3310 13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Pavilion n3410 13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T611 (DSTN)
Pavilion n521013.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T61 (DSTN)
Satellite 1730XCDS13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T579 (DSTN)
Satellite 2140CDS13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T579 (DSTN)
Satellite 2140XCDS13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T579 (DSTN)
Satellite 2590CDS13.0" 800×600Sharp LM130SS1T579 (DSTN)
Envy 13-1010er13.1" 1366×768Toshiba LT131DEVHV00 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-Z11XRN13.1" 1600×900Toshiba LTD131EQ2X (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-Z51NRG13.1" 1600×900Toshiba LTD131EQ2X (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-Z113.1" 1600×900Toshiba LT131EE12000 (TN TFT), AUO B131RW02 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-Z1113.1" 1600×900Toshiba LT131EE12000 (TN TFT)
Aspire 381013.3" 1366×768AUO B133XW01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 3810TG13.3" 1366×768AUO B133XW01 (TN TFT)
Aspire S313.3" 1366×768AUO B133XTF01.0 (TN TFT)
Aspire TimeLine 382013.3" 1366×768AUO B133XW01 (TN TFT), AUO B133XW03 (TN TFT), LG Display LP133WH2 (TL)(A4) (TN TFT), LG Display LP133WH2 (TL)(L1) (TN TFT)
Aspire TimeLine 3820T13.3" 1366×768AUO B133XW01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 837113.3" 1366×768AUO B133XW01 V3 (TN TFT)
U36J13.3" 1366×768BOE HW13WX001 (TN TFT)
U36K13.3" 1366×768BOE HW13WX001 (TN TFT)
U36S13.3" 1366×768BOE HW13WX001 (TN TFT)
UL30A13.3" 1366×768AUO B133XW01 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad U330p13.3" 1366×768CPT CLAA133WB03 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad U350-313.3" 1366×768LG Display LP133WH2 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-S11X9R13.3" 1366×768CPT CLAA133WA01A (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-SB1V9R 13.3" 1366×768CMO N133BGE-L31 (TN TFT)
Satellite L830-B5S13.3" 1366×768LG Display LP133WH2 (TL)(L3) (TN TFT)
Satellite R63013.3" 1366×768Toshiba LT133EE09D00 (TN TFT)
Aspire TimeLine 382013.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133AT18-A01 (TN TFT)
MacBook Air13.3" 1280×800AUO B133EW03 V1 (TN TFT)
MacBook A118113.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133W1-L01 (TN TFT), LG Display LP133WX01 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
MacBook A134213.3" 1280×800LG.Philips LP133WX2 (TL)(G2) (TN TFT), AUO B133EW04 V4.01 (TN TFT)
MacBook MA254LL/A13.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133W1-L01 (TN TFT)
MacBook MA255LL/A13.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133W1-L01 (TN TFT)
MacBook MA472LL/A13.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133W1-L01 (TN TFT)
MacBook Pro 13.3" 1280×800AUO B133EW01 (TN TFT)
W6F13.3" 1280×800Toshiba LTD133EX2A (TN TFT)
W7J13.3" 1280×800AUO B133EW01 V0 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD133EX2A (TN TFT)
W7S13.3" 1280×800CMO N133I1-L01 (TN TFT)
JoyBook S31-R0313.3" 1280×800AUO B133EW01 V0 (TN TFT)
Latitude E430013.3" 1280×800AUO B133EW05 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD133EV3D (TN TFT)
LifeBook T501013.3" 1280×800BOE HyDis HV133WX1-100 (AFFS)
ProBook 4320s13.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133AT17 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad U330 226764U13.3" 1280×800CMO N133I6-L0A (TN TFT)
ThinkPad SL30013.3" 1280×800LG.Philips LP133WX2 (LT)(D1) (TN TFT)
MegaBook VR330X-02613.3" 1280×800AUO B133EW01 (TN TFT)
Q31013.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133AT08 (TN TFT)
Q7013.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133AT08 (TN TFT)
X36013.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133AT14 (TN TFT)
VAIO PCG-SZ67013.3" 1280×800Toshiba LTD133EXBY (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-SZ1HRP13.3" 1280×800Sharp LQ133K1LA4A (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-SZ2HRP13.3" 1280×800Sharp LQ133K1LA4A (TN TFT)
Satellite U30013.3" 1280×800LG.Philips LP133WX1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Satellite U40013.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133AT07 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP133WX1 (TL)(N3) (TN TFT)
Satellite U400-12P13.3" 1280×800CMO N133I1-L01 Rev. C1 (TN TFT)
Satellite U500-1DQ13.3" 1280×800Samsung LTN133AT07 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro U50013.3" 1280×800CMO N133I7-L01 (TN TFT)
VNB13113.3" 1280×800CMO N133I6-L01 (TN TFT)
Extensa 711TE13.3" 1024×768Hitachi TX34D62VC1CAC (TN TFT)
AMS Tech
Rodeo 100CX13.3" 1024×768Samsung LT133X4-122 (TN TFT)
S1A / S1300A13.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01 (TN TFT)
Armada 7790DMT13.3" 1024×768Hitachi TX34D65VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Armada 7792DMT13.3" 1024×768Samsung LT133X2-124 (TN TFT)
Armada 780013.3" 1024×768Samsung LT133X2-124 (TN TFT)
Presario 120013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 1200AN13.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 1200XL13.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 1219JP13.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL13.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL32513.3" 1024×768ADT L133X2-3C (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL40113.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL40213.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL41013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL42013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL42113.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL42613.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL42713.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL42813.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL43013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL50013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL50113.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL50213.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL50413.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL50513.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL50913.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL51013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL51213.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL51313.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL51513.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL51713.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL51913.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL52013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL52113.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL52613.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL52713.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL53013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 12XL53113.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ133X1LH62 (TN TFT)
Presario 167013.3" 1024×768Sanyo TM133XG-02L02 (TN TFT)
Presario 170013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 1700T13.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL13.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL26013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL26413.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL26613.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL27413.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL27513.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL36113.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL36613.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL36913.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL37013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL37213.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL37813.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL38013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46113.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46213.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46313.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46413.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46513.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46613.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46713.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46813.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL46913.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL47013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL47113.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL47313.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL47413.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL47513.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL47613.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL47713.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL48013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL48213.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL48813.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL49013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL49213.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56213.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56313.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56413.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56513.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56613.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56713.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56813.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL56913.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57113.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57213.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57313.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57413.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57513.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57613.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57713.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57813.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL57913.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 17XL58013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (C2)(CC) (TN TFT)
Presario 181013.3" 1024×768Sharp LQ13X25 (TN TFT)
Solo 230013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X1 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP133X1-A (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP133X4 (TN TFT)
Solo 250013.3" 1024×768Hitachi TX34D68VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Solo 255013.3" 1024×768Hitachi TX34D68VC1CAA (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP133X4 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
Solo 910013.3" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC26-01 (TN TFT)
Solo P3C13.3" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC26-01 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE213.3" 1024×768Samsung LT133X5-122 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n510013.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n520013.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n525013.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n534013.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01-1 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xh20013.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 60013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X3 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 600E13.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X3 (TN TFT), Samsung LT133X8-122 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 600X13.3" 1024×768Samsung LT133X8-122 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i120013.3" 1024×768ADT L133X2-1 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i130013.3" 1024×768ADT L133X2-1 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i140013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X3-A (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i172*13.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X3-A (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R3013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R3113.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R4013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2013.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2113.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2213.3" 1024×768ADT D291207 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2313.3" 1024×768LG.Philips LP133X7 (TN TFT)
Transport Trek13.3" 1024×768Samsung LT133X1-104 (TN TFT)
Transport XKE13.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM13C148 (TN TFT)
Versa 620013.3" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC26-02 (TN TFT)
Versa 622013.3" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC26-02 (TN TFT)
Versa 623013.3" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC26-02 (TN TFT)
Toughbook CF-7113.3" 1024×768Samsung LT133X5-128 (TN TFT)
Discovery KT513.3" 1024×768Hyundai HT13X12 (TN TFT)
Portege 700013.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM13C417L (TN TFT)
Portege 7220CT13.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01-1 (TN TFT)
Satellite 180013.3" 1024×768Unipac UB133X01-1 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP133X7 (L2)(T0) (TN TFT), Sharp LQ133X1LH63 (TN TFT)
Tecra 800013.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM13C417L (TN TFT), Sharp LQ133X1LH13 (TN TFT)
Tecra 810013.3" 1024×768Toshiba LTM13C417L (TN TFT), Unipac UB133X01-1 (TN TFT)
MacBook Air13.3" 1440×900Samsung LTH133BT01-A01 (TN TFT)
U31SD13.3" AUO B133XW03 V4 ()
ZenBook UX31E13.3" 1600×900CPT CLAA133UA02S (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Yoga 1313.3" 1600×900LG.Philips LP133WD2 (SL)(B1) (IPS)
Zenbook Prime UX31A13.3" 1920×1080CMO N133HSE-EA1 (Super MVA)
ThinkPad 60013.3" 800×600Hitachi SX33X004 (DSTN)
Aspire 4820T14.0" 1366×768LG.Philips LP140WH2 (TL)(Q1) (TN TFT)
Aspire 4820TG14.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW03 (TN TFT)
Aspire TimeLine 4810T14.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW02 (TN TFT)
Aspire TimeLine 482014.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW03 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP140WH2 (TL)(L1) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN140AT12-A01 (TN TFT), CMO N140B6-L24 (TN TFT)
TravelMate Timeline 848114.0" 1366×768LG.Philips LP140WH6 (TJ)(B1) (TN TFT)
F83VF14.0" 1366×768CMO N140B6-L02 (TN TFT)
K40AB14.0" 1366×768Hannstar HSD140PHW1-B (TN TFT)
K40IN14.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW01 V0 (TN TFT)
K40IP14.0" 1366×768LG.Philips LP140WH1 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT)
K42F14.0" 1366×768CMO N140B6-L08 (TN TFT)
K42JY14.0" 1366×768Innolux BT140GW01 V9 (TN TFT)
U41G14.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW02 V1 (TN TFT)
U41SV14.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW02 V1 (TN TFT)
UL8014.0" 1366×768CMO N140B6-L06 (TN TFT)
EliteBook 8440p14.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN140AT05 (TN TFT)
ProBook 6550b14.0" 1366×768LG.Philips LP140WH1 (TL)(D6) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad B45014.0" 1366×768CMO N140B6-L02 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad B450-5A-B14.0" 1366×768LG.Philips LP140WH1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G470A14.0" 1366×768LG.Philips LP140WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad U450P214.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW02 V1 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad U46014.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW03 V0 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y40014.0" 1366×768AUO B140XTN03.0 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN140AT20-L02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP140WH2 (TL)(E2) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP140WH2 (TL)(S1) (TN TFT), CMO N140BGE-L42 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y45014.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW01 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y46014.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN140AT11-L02 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y47014.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW03 V0 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y48014.0" 1366×768AUO B140XW03 V0 (TN TFT), AUO B140XTN03.0 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP140WH2 (TL)(E2) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN140AT20-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N140BGE-L42 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad Edge 1414.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN140AT07-401 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad Edge E42014.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN140AT20-401 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad L412 0530-5ZG14.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN140AT07-401 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad L43014.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN140AT20 (TN TFT), CMO N140BGE-L31 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T42014.0" 1366×768LG.Philips LP140WH2 (TL)(M2) (TN TFT), CMO N140BGE-L31 (TN TFT), AUO B140XW03 V1 (TN TFT)
MegaBook CX42014.0" 1366×768CMO N140B6-L02 (TN TFT)
R42814.0" 1366×768Hannstar HSD140PHW1-B (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-CW1S1R14.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN140AT08 (TN TFT)
Presario M200014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario M2000Z14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V200014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B140EW01 V0 (TN TFT)
Presario V2000Z14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V200114.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V200914.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2030US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2040EA14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2043AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V206914.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V210014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2110US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V212014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V213314.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V213514.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V214014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V214614.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V215014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V215714.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V220014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2205US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2220US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V230014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2304US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2306US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2309US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V231114.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V2335US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V239914.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V240014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V241514.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario V260014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
MX356014.0" 1280×768BOE HyDis HT140WX1-101 (TN TFT)
CX M25014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
MX NX20014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv100014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1000T14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv100114.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv100214.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1004AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1005AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1007AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1008AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv100914.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1010US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1011AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1012AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1030AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1040US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv104914.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1060US14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv106514.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1101AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1102AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1122AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1128AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv1135AP14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv120014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv130014.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad Z60t14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP140W01 (TN TFT)
Pro 40014.0" 1280×768BOE HyDis HT140WX1-101 (TN TFT)
Satellite M55-S13514.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP140WX1 (TL)(01) (TN TFT)
Satellite M55-S32514.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN140W1 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP140WX1 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Tecra A514.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
IQ Leader 47W14.0" 1280×768Samsung LTN140W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Latitude E642014.0" 1600×900Samsung LTN140KT01 (TN TFT)
EliteBook 8460p14.0" 1600×900AUO B140RW01 V2 (TN TFT)
ProBook 6440b14.0" 1600×900LG.Philips LP140WD1 (TL)(D2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad L43014.0" 1600×900LG Display LP140WD2 (TL)(D2) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN140KT03 (TN TFT), AUO B140RW02 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad S44014.0" 1600×900AUO B140RTN03.0 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T42014.0" 1600×900AUO B140RW02 (TN TFT), LG Display LP140WD2 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T420s14.0" 1600×900AUO B140RW02 V1 (TN TFT), AUO B140RW02 V1 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T43014.0" 1600×900Samsung LTN140KT03 (TN TFT), AUO B140RW02 (TN TFT), LG Display LP140WD2 (TL)(D2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T430s14.0" 1600×900Samsung LTN140KT03 (TN TFT), AUO B140RW02 (TN TFT), LG Display LP140WD2 (TL)(D2) (TN TFT), LG Display LP140WD2 (TL)(D2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T431s14.0" 1600×900CMO N140FGE-EA2 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T440s14.0" 1600×900AUO B140RTN03.0 (TN TFT)
NP-700Z3A14.0" 1600×900Samsung LTN140KT08-801 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EA2S1R/B14.0" 1600×900AUO B140RW02 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EA3S1R14.0" 1600×900AUO B140RW02 V0 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EA3Z1R14.0" 1600×900AUO B140RW02 V0 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G45514.0" 1280×800Samsung LTN140AT07-L01 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Z465-114.0" 1280×800Samsung LTN140AT07-L01 (TN TFT)
R42514.0" 1280×800Samsung LTN140AT02 (TN TFT)
R42814.0" 1280×800Samsung LTN140AT02-001 (TN TFT)
NP-RV410-S0114.0" 1280×800Samsung LTN140AT02 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EA46FM14.0" 1280×800CPT CLAA140WB01A (TN TFT)
Satellite M55-S13514.0" 1280×800CPT CLAA140WA01A (TN TFT)
Satellite M55-S32514.0" 1280×800CPT CLAA140WA01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 4315-051G08Mi14.1" 1280×800CMO N141I1-L03 (TN TFT)
Aspire 453014.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 V4 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141WX3 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141W3-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N141I3-L02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 4920G-832G32Mn14.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W3-L01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 4930G-583G25Mi14.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W3-L01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 550014.1" 1280×800CMO N141L1-L03 (TN TFT)
Extensa 413014.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W3-L01 (TN TFT)
Extensa 4220-200508Mi14.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 V4 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 240014.1" 1280×800QDI QD14TL01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 321014.1" 1280×800QDI QD14TL01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 649214.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 V3 (TN TFT)
F80S14.1" 1280×800CMO N141I3-L02 (TN TFT)
Z9914.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 (TN TFT)
JoyBook S41-R1114.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 V4 (TN TFT), QDI QD14TL02 V6 (TN TFT)
JoyBook S4214.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW05 V0 (TN TFT)
Presario V300014.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX3 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
Amilo Pro V340514.1" 1280×800QDI QD14TL01-03 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA141WB02 (TN TFT)
Esprimo Mobile M9400 14.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX3 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT), CPT CLAA141WB05A (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141AT02-101 (TN TFT)
Compaq 6510b14.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Compaq 6520s14.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX3 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
Compaq 6910p14.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX1 (TL)(A5) (TN TFT)
Compaq nc640014.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT), QDI QD14TL02 V5 (TN TFT)
Compaq nc6510b14.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Compaq nx633014.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv200014.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141AT02-001 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv2840er14.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W1-L04-00R6 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv2910us14.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141AT02-001 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv4-1150er14.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX3 (TL)(N2) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G43014.1" 1280×800CMO N141I6-L02 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y43014.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX5 (TL)(D1) (TN TFT), CMO N141I3-L02 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y430-214.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141AT03-001 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad SL40014.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 V3 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141WX5 (TL)(C1) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T41014.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141AT15 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T410i14.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141AT15 (TN TFT)
R405 GP11R114.1" 1280×800LG.Philips LP141WX3 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
Nautilus W40014.1" 1280×800CMO N141I1-L03 (TN TFT)
R20 Plus14.1" 1280×800CPT CLAA141WB05A (TN TFT)
NP-R25E14.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W1-L04 (TN TFT)
NP-X2214.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W1-L04 (TN TFT)
R25 Plus14.1" 1280×800CPT CLAA141WB05A (TN TFT)
X1114.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW01 V3 (TN TFT), AUO B141EW02 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141W1-L03 (TN TFT)
X2214.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W1-L03 (TN TFT)
X46014.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141AT11 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-CR11SR14.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-CR11ZR14.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-CR21SR/P14.1" 1280×800CPT CLAA141WB02A (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-CR31ZR/R14.1" 1280×800CPT CLAA141WB05A (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-CR32014.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW04 (TN TFT)
Satellite M100-16514.1" 1280×800AUO B141EW01 (TN TFT)
Satellite M100-22214.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W1-L04 (TN TFT)
Satellite M105-S307414.1" 1280×800Samsung LTN141W1-L03 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141W1-L06 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141WX1 (TL)(03) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141WX1 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT), CPT CLAA141WB02 (TN TFT), AUO B141EW01 V1 (TN TFT), CMO N141I1-L02 (TN TFT)
Tecra A614.1" 1280×800Sharp LQ141K1LB1 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 20014.1" 1024×768ADT L141X1-1 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 21014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 22014.1" 1024×768AUO B141XN04 V3 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 26014.1" 1024×768AUO B141XN04 V3 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 320014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XB (TN TFT)
TravelMate C30014.1" 1024×768AUO B141XG08 (TN TFT)
TravelMate C31014.1" 1024×768AUO B141XG08 (TN TFT)
iBook 90014.1" 1024×768CMO N141X8-L04 (TN TFT)
iBook G414.1" 1024×768CMO N141XB-L03 (TN TFT)
PowerBook 30014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X5-126 (TN TFT), Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
PowerBook 40014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X5-126 (TN TFT), Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
L840014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
M2N / M2400N14.1" 1024×768AUO B141XG05 (TN TFT)
Armada E50014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
Armada M70014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
Evo n1020v14.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X02 (TN TFT)
Evo n11514.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XC-L01 (TN TFT)
Evo n15014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01-2 (TN TFT)
Evo n16014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Evo n600c14.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C446 (TN TFT)
Evo n80014.1" 1024×768Hitachi TX36D72VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Evo n800v14.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141X8 (TN TFT), Unipac UB141X02 (TN TFT)
Presario 120014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT), Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Presario 1200Z14.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
Presario 1201Z14.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
Presario 1210CA14.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
Presario 1210EA14.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
Presario 1215US14.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT), Unipac UB141X02 (TN TFT)
Presario 150014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XC-L01 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX36D72VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Presario 170014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Presario 280014.1" 1024×768Hitachi TX36D72VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Presario 70014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XC-L01 (TN TFT), Unipac UB141X03 (TN TFT)
Presario 700US14.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X02 (TN TFT)
Presario 702US14.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X02 (TN TFT)
Presario 705US14.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XC-L01 (TN TFT)
Presario 90014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XC-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 350014.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141X2 (A1) (TN TFT)
Inspiron 500014.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141XA (A1) (TN TFT)
Inspiron 510014.1" 1024×768QDI QD141X1LH02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 700014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X2-127 (TN TFT)
Latitude D60014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XB-L01 (TN TFT)
Solo 215014.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141XA (TN TFT)
Solo 515014.1" 1024×768Mitsubishi AA141XA02 (TN TFT), Mitsubishi AA142XE02 (TN TFT)
Solo 530014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XU-L01 (TN TFT)
Solo 915014.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141X3 (TN TFT)
Compaq nc600014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XB-L02 (TN TFT), AUO B141XG08 V1 (TN TFT)
OmniBook 4150B14.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141X2 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141XA (A1) (TN TFT)
OmniBook 600014.1" 1024×768ADT L141X1-1A (TN TFT)
OmniBook 6000B14.1" 1024×768IDTech ITXG66C (TN TFT)
OmniBook 610014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XF-L03 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE214.1" 1024×768CPT CLAA141XB01 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE314.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XT605014.1" 1024×768QDI QD141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n534014.1" 1024×768IDTech ITXG76 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n540014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n541514.1" 1024×768CPT CLAA141XC01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n543014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion vt620014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L04 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xf30014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L04 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xh40014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xz20014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XF-L05 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze120014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L04 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze121014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L04 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt110014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XF-L05 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt113514.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XF-L05 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A2114.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L00 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i140014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i150014.1" 1024×768Samsung LT141X7-124 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i180014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L00 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A3014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L00 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A3114.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X8-L00 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R3014.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT14X14-101 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R3114.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT14X14-101 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141X10 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R3214.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XF-L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R4014.1" 1024×768IDTech ITXG77S (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R5014.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT14X19-100 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R5114.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT14X19-100 (TN TFT), BOE HyDis HT14X19-110 (TN TFT), IDTech IAXG15S (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141X14 (A1) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141XA-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N141X7-L04 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T3014.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141X12 (B1) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141XE-L01 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX36D37VC1CAA (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4014.1" 1024×768BOE HyDis HT14X19-100 (TN TFT), BOE HyDis HT14X19-110 (TN TFT), IDTech IAXG15S (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141XA-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141X14 (A1) (TN TFT), CMO N141X7-L04 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4114.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XA (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141X14 (TN TFT), CMO N141X7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4214.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XA (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141X14 (TN TFT), CMO N141X7 (TN TFT)
Stylo 15514.1" 1024×768Hyundai HT14X13-102 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T6114.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XA-L01 (TN TFT)
Micro Flex Tech
FlexNote CL5114.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X03 (TN TFT)
Transport Trek 214.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH01 (TN TFT), Samsung LT141X2-126 (TN TFT)
Versa 5SXi14.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141XA (A1)(NA) (TN TFT)
Versa LX14.1" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC28-11A (TN TFT)
Toughbook CF-4714.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C406P (TN TFT)
Nautilus B41514.1" 1024×768Hannstar HSD141PX11 (TN TFT)
Nautilus E41514.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X03 V2 (TN TFT)
Navigator MT614.1" 1024×768Hyundai HT14X13-102 (TN TFT)
57014.1" 1024×768QDI QD141X1LH12 (TN TFT)
Partner E415L14.1" 1024×768Toppoly TD141TGCD1 (TN TFT)
P2014.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
P2814.1" 1024×768Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT), AUO B141XN04 V2 (TN TFT)
V3014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XF-L03 (TN TFT)
X1014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XJ-L01 (TN TFT)
VAIO PCG-FS98014.1" 1024×768Hitachi TX36D72VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Satellite 100014.1" 1024×768CPT CLAA141XC01-H (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD141PX11-A (TN TFT), IDTech ITXG77X (TN TFT), Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Satellite 100514.1" 1024×768CPT CLAA141XC01-H (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD141PX11-A (TN TFT), IDTech ITXG77X (TN TFT), Unipac UB141X01 (TN TFT)
Satellite 1115-S10314.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C421Z (TN TFT)
Satellite 1200-S12114.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C506C (TN TFT)
Satellite 1200-S12214.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C506C (TN TFT)
Satellite 180014.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C433 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141X7-L06 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141X7 (C1)(TO) (TN TFT), Sharp LQ141X1LH43 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2540XCDT14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2545XCDT14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2595XDVD14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT), Samsung LT141X6-122 (TN TFT)
Satellite 265014.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2655XDVD14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 2715XDVD14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4000CDT14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4060CDT14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4080XCDT14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4090XDVD14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4100XCDT14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 4100XDVD14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 420014.1" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC28-11B (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 4280XDVD14.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 430014.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 434014.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 460014.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C433 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM14C433 (TN TFT)
Tecra 800014.1" 1024×768Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT), Samsung LT141X6-122 (TN TFT)
Tecra 810014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141X9-L01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM14C424 (TN TFT), Sharp LQ141X1LH03 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX36D81VC1CAD (TN TFT)
Tecra 820014.1" 1024×768LG.Philips LP141X7 (C1)(TO) (TN TFT), Hitachi TX36D81VC1CAD (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM14C438 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141XF-L02 (TN TFT)
Tecra 900014.1" 1024×768Toshiba LTM14C421E (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM14C453 (TN TFT), Sharp LQ141X1LH63 (TN TFT)
Matrix 12014.1" 1024×768Samsung LTN141XF-L03 (TN TFT)
A8Jp14.1" 1440×900AUO B141PW01 V2 (TN TFT)
A8Js14.1" 1440×900AUO B141PW01 V2 (TN TFT)
Latitude D62014.1" 1440×900Samsung LTN141WD-L01 (TN TFT)
Compaq 6930p14.1" 1440×900Samsung LTN141BT06-001 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T40014.1" 1440×900Samsung LTN141BT (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141WD-L05 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141WP2 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T400s14.1" 1440×900Samsung LTN141BT08 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T6114.1" 1440×900Samsung LTN141WD-L05 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141WP1 (TL)(B7) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T61p14.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP141WP1 (TL)(B7) (TN TFT)
M3700Np14.1" 1400×1050IDTech IASX16C (TN TFT)
Evo n600c14.1" 1400×1050Hitachi TX36D98VC1CAB (TN TFT)
Inspiron 800014.1" 1400×1050Samsung LTN141P2-L01 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 810014.1" 1400×1050Samsung LTN141P2-L01 (TN TFT)
Latitude D60014.1" 1400×1050QDI QD14FL07 (TN TFT)
Latitude D61014.1" 1400×1050QDI QD14FL07 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2014.1" 1400×1050Hitachi TX36D97VC1CAA (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2114.1" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP141E2 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX36D97VC1CAA (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2214.1" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP141E2 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX36D97VC1CAA (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T2314.1" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP141E2 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX36D97VC1CAA (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T3014.1" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP141E01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141E04 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP141E2 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141PE-L01 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4014.1" 1400×1050Samsung LTN141P4-L02 (TN TFT), IDTech IASX16S (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T40p14.1" 1400×1050Samsung LTN141P4 (TN TFT), IDTech IASX16S (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4114.1" 1400×1050IDTech IASX16S (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141P4 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T41p14.1" 1400×1050Samsung LTN141P4 (TN TFT), IDTech IASX16S (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4214.1" 1400×1050IDTech IASX16S (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141P4 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T42p14.1" 1400×1050IDTech IASX16S (TN TFT), Samsung LTN141P4 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T43p14.1" 1400×1050BOE HyDis HT14P12 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T6014.1" 1400×1050BOE HyDis HT14P12 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD141EN9B (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T60p14.1" 1400×1050BOE HyDis HT14P12 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD141EN9B (TN TFT)
Tecra 900014.1" 1400×1050Sharp LQ141F1LH23 (TN TFT)
Tecra M514.1" 1400×1050Samsung LTN141P4-L05 (TN TFT)
LifeBook S202014.1" 800×600CMO N141X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite U840W 14.4" 1792×768CMO N144NGE-E41 (TN TFT)
Aspire 120015.0" 1400×1050IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT)
Aspire 150015.0" 1400×1050AUO B150PG01 (TN TFT)
Extensa 290015.0" 1400×1050AUO B150PG01 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Ferrari 300015.0" 1400×1050IDTech N150P2-L04 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 80015.0" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP150E02 (A2)(P1) (TN TFT)
A2S / A2800S15.0" 1400×1050Hannstar HSD150PK14-A (TN TFT)
A4D15.0" 1400×1050Hannstar HSD150PK14-A00 (TN TFT)
L3C / L3800C15.0" 1400×1050IDTech N150P3-L01 (IPS)
L515.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
V6Va15.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Evo n800v15.0" 1400×1050AUO B150PG01 (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PK12 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150E02 (A2)(P1) (TN TFT)
Evo n800w15.0" 1400×1050AUO B150PG01 V0 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150E02 (A2)(P1) (TN TFT)
Presario 150015.0" 1400×1050IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT), CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT), IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT)
Presario 150115.0" 1400×1050Hannstar HSD150PK12-A (TN TFT)
Presario 180015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Presario 1800T15.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Presario 1800XL15.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Presario 18XL15.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Presario 210015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT), IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT)
Presario 250015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT), IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT)
Presario 270015.0" 1400×1050Sharp LQ150F1LH22 (TN TFT)
Presario 280015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT), IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT)
Presario 90015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 410015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 500015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 5000e15.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 700015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 750015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 800015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P2-L01 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 810015.0" 1400×1050Hitachi TX38D98VC1CAA (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D99VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Inspiron 820015.0" 1400×1050Hitachi TX38D97VC1CAA (TN TFT)
Latitude C84015.0" 1400×1050Hitachi TX38D97VC1CAA (TN TFT)
LifeBook E711015.0" 1400×1050Hitachi TX38D94VC1FAF (TN TFT)
Compaq nc800015.0" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP150E06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Compaq nw800015.0" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP150E06 (A2) (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE315.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n500015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n540115.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n541515.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n5421L15.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n542515.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n543015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n544015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n544115.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n545015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n549015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n549115.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n549515.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n551115.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n558415.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xh39515.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xh48515.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xh67515.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion xz10015.0" 1400×1050Hannstar HSD150PX11 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze400015.0" 1400×1050IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze420015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze430015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze460015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze480015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze500015.0" 1400×1050IDTech ITSX95C (TN TFT), Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze560015.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt110015.0" 1400×1050Hannstar HSD150PX11 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad G4015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P4 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D91VC1FAD (TN TFT)
ThinkPad G4115.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P4 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D91VC1FAD (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R4015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P4 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D91VC1FAD (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R5015.0" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP150E07 (TN TFT), IDTech N150P2 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R50p15.0" 1400×1050IDTech N150P3-L01 (IPS)
ThinkPad R5115.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT), IDTech N150P3-L01 (IPS)
ThinkPad R6015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P2-L03 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4215.0" 1400×1050IDTech N150P3 (IPS), LG.Philips LP150E05 (S-IPS)
ThinkPad T4315.0" 1400×1050IDTech N150P3 (IPS), LG.Philips LP150E05 (S-IPS)
ThinkPad T6015.0" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP150E05 (S-IPS)
LS70 P53515.0" 1400×1050LG.Philips LP150E06 (A3) (TN TFT)
M1 J455R115.0" 1400×1050Hannstar HSD150PK14-B (TN TFT)
P4015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150PG-L03 (TN TFT)
X2015.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150PG-L03 (TN TFT)
X2515.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150PG-L03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 245015.0" 1400×1050Sharp LQ150F1LH43 (TN TFT)
Satellite 520515.0" 1400×1050Samsung LTN150P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite A6515.0" 1400×1050CPT CLAA150PB03 (TN TFT)
Aspire 130015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 1304LC15.0" 1024×768Sharp LQ150X1LH82 (TN TFT)
Aspire 131015.0" 1024×768AUO B150XN01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 135015.0" 1024×768CPT CLAA150XH01A (TN TFT)
Aspire 140015.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX11-B (TN TFT)
Aspire 141015.0" 1024×768AUO B150XG01 V2 (TN TFT)
Aspire 145015.0" 1024×768Hitachi TX38D81VC1CAB (TN TFT)
Aspire 151015.0" 1024×768CPT CLAA150XH01-S (TN TFT)
Aspire 160015.0" 1024×768AUO B150XG01 V2 (TN TFT)
Aspire 160615.0" 1024×768AUO B150XG01 V2 (TN TFT)
Aspire 161015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (A5) (TN TFT)
Aspire 162015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (A5) (TN TFT)
Aspire 167015.0" 1024×768Hitachi TX38D81VC1CAB (TN TFT)
Extensa 200015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (A5) (TN TFT)
Extensa 250015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (A5) (TN TFT)
Extensa 270015.0" 1024×768AUO B150XG01 V2 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 200015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (A5) (TN TFT)
TravelMate 231015.0" 1024×768CMO N150X3-L07 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN150XB-L03 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 24015.0" 1024×768AUO B150XG01 V2 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 25015.0" 1024×768AUO B150XG01 V2 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 250015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (A5) (TN TFT)
TravelMate 410015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 415015.0" 1024×768Hitachi TX38D81VC1CAB (TN TFT)
TravelMate 4600 D215.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L03 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 465015.0" 1024×768CMO N150X3-L07 (TN TFT)
A3FC15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (TN TFT)
A4D15.0" 1024×768CMO N150X3-L05 (TN TFT)
A9RP-Z9415.0" 1024×768CMO N150X3-L09 (TN TFT)
L2L / L2500L15.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX14-A07 (TN TFT)
Evo n1000v15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X05 (A2)(C1) (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PX14-A (TN TFT)
Evo n1015v15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L01 (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PX14-A (TN TFT)
Evo n800v15.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX14 (TN TFT)
Presario 150015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X05 (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PX14-A (TN TFT)
Presario 2837AP15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X05 (A2) (TN TFT)
Presario 90015.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX14-A (TN TFT)
Amilo V701015.0" 1024×768CPT CLAA150XH01A (TN TFT)
Amilo Pro V203015.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX17 (TN TFT)
Amilo Pro V204015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XG-L05 (TN TFT)
Amilo Pro V8010D15.0" 1024×768QDI QD15XL06 (TN TFT)
Solo 915015.0" 1024×768Samsung LT150X3-124 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D75VC1CAB (TN TFT)
Solo 930015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT), Samsung LT150X3-124 (TN TFT)
Compaq nc632015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L03 (TN TFT)
Compaq nc800015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X05 (C2) (TN TFT)
Compaq nx900015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X05 (A2)(K3) (TN TFT)
Compaq nx903015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L03 (TN TFT)
OmniBook X48515.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE315.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X4 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE3-G15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE3-GD15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT)
OmniBook XE3-GE15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n510015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT)
Pavilion n539015.0" 1024×768Hitachi TX38D85VC1CAB (TN TFT)
Pavilion n544515.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X1 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze460015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion ze530015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X05 (A2) (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PX14 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad 390X15.0" 1024×768Samsung LT150X3-126 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad i140015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X04 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A20m15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X (F2)(1B) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A21e15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X (F2)(1B) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A21m15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X (F2)(1B) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A22e15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X (F2)(1B) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A22m15.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X (F2)(1B) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad G4015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X05 (B2) (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D81VC1FAD (TN TFT)
ThinkPad G4115.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X05 (B2) (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D81VC1FAD (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R4015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X05 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX38D81VC1FAD (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R5015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X09 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN150XG (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R5115.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X09 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN150XG (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T3015.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX14 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4015.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX14 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4115.0" 1024×768Hannstar HSD150PX14 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4215.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XG (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PX14 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X09 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T4315.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X09 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN150XG (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PX14 (TN TFT)
888915.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L03 (TN TFT)
R4515.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XG-L05 (TN TFT)
VAIO PCG-F39015.0" 1024×768Samsung LT150X3-124 (TN TFT)
VAIO PCG-F59015.0" 1024×768Samsung LT150X3-124 (TN TFT)
VAIO PCG-FX5515.0" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC30-22F (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-FX55Z15.0" 1024×768NEC NL10276BC30-22F (TN TFT)
Qosmio E10-10215.0" 1024×768Sharp LQ150X1LAM3 (TN TFT)
Qosmio E15-AV10115.0" 1024×768Sharp LQ150X1LAM3 (TN TFT)
Satellite 1805-S27415.0" 1024×768Sharp LQ150X1LH63 (TN TFT)
Satellite 190515.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X04 (TN TFT), Hannstar HSD150PX11-B (TN TFT), Sharp LQ150X1LH62 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTM15C503C (TN TFT)
Satellite 245015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite 2450-SP2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite 2450-SP3**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite 2455-S3**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite 2455-SP2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite 2455-SP3**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite 500515.0" 1024×768Toshiba LTM15C455 (TN TFT)
Satellite A1015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A10-S1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A10-S10015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A10-SP1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A10-SP12915.0" 1024×768Sharp LQ150X1LHC3 B (TN TFT)
Satellite A15-S1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A15-SP1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A2015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite A25-S2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite A25-S3**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite A25-SP2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite A4015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A40-S1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A40-S2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A40-SP1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A40-SP2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A45-S1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A45-S2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A45-SP1**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A45-SP2**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A50-SP3**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A5515.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A55-S3**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A55-SP3**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A6015.0" 1024×768LG.Philips LP150X08 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 600015.0" 1024×768Toshiba LTM15C455 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 610015.0" 1024×768Toshiba LTM15C455 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro M1015.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro M10-S4**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro M10-SP4**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro M15-S4**15.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Tecra A115.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150X06 (A2) (TN TFT), CMO N150X2-L01 (TN TFT)
Tecra A215.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Tecra A2-S11915.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Tecra A2-S13915.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Tecra A2-S33615.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Tecra A2-S436215.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150X6-L01 (TN TFT)
Matrix 120-180B515.0" 1024×768Samsung LTN150XB-L01 (TN TFT)
Evo n800w15.0" 1600×1200IDTech IAUX14P (IPS), LG.Philips LP150U03 (A2)(P1) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP150U06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Inspiron 800015.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LH22 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 810015.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LH22 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 820015.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LH22 (TN TFT)
Latitude C80015.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LH22 (TN TFT)
Celsius Mobile H15.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LH21 (TN TFT)
Celsius Mobile H23015.0" 1600×1200BOE HyDis HV150UX1-101 (AFFS)
Celsius Mobile H230/R15.0" 1600×1200BOE HyDis HV150UX1-101 (AFFS)
Compaq nc800015.0" 1600×1200LG.Philips LP150U06 (A2) (TN TFT)
Compaq nw800015.0" 1600×1200LG.Philips LP150U06 (A2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A20p15.0" 1600×1200LG.Philips LP150U1 (A2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A21p15.0" 1600×1200LG.Philips LP150U1 (A2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A22p15.0" 1600×1200LG.Philips LP150U1 (A2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad A31p15.0" 1600×1200IDTech IAUX14S (TN TFT), IDTech N150U3-L06 (IPS)
ThinkPad R50p15.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T4015.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T40p15.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T4115.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T41p15.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T4215.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T42p15.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS), IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T4315.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS)
ThinkPad T43p15.0" 1600×1200IDTech N150U3 (IPS), BOE HyDis HV150UX1-100 (AFFS)
ThinkPad T60p15.0" 1600×1200BOE HyDis HV150UX1 (AFFS)
Satellite 500515.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LW03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 510515.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LW03 (TN TFT)
Satellite 520515.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LA03 (TN TFT), Sharp LQ150U1LW03 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro 610015.0" 1600×1200Sharp LQ150U1LW13 (TN TFT)
Tecra S115.0" 1600×1200LG.Philips LP150U03 (TN TFT)
VAIO PCG FX-390K15.0" 1280×1024Toshiba LTM15C459 (TN TFT)
VAIO PCG-FX-37015.0" 1280×1024Toshiba LTM15C459 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 40015.2" 1152×768Samsung LTN152W1-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W2-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B152EW01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP152W1 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 50015.2" 1152×768Samsung LTN152W1-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W2-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B152EW01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP152W1 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 55015.2" 1152×768Samsung LTN152W1-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W2-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B152EW01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP152W1 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 66715.2" 1152×768AUO B152EW01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP152W1 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W1-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W2-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B152EW01 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 80015.2" 1152×768AUO B152EW01 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 86715.2" 1152×768AUO B152EW01 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 66715.2" 1280×864Samsung LTN152W3-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W4-L01 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 80015.2" 1280×864Samsung LTN152W3-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W4-L01 (TN TFT)
PowerBook G4 Titanium 86715.2" 1280×864Samsung LTN152W3-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN152W4-L01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 136015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V5 (TN TFT)
Aspire 152015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V5 (TN TFT)
Aspire 164015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 1642Z15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 165015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (A5)(K2) (TN TFT)
Aspire 166015.4" 1280×800Hitachi TX39D85VC1F (TN TFT)
Aspire 167015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 168015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 169015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 201015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 202015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 300015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 300315.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V5 (TN TFT)
Aspire 3003 NWLCi15.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 302015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (A3) (TN TFT)
Aspire 350015.4" 1280×800CMO N154I1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 361015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (A3) (TN TFT)
Aspire 500015.4" 1280×800CMO N154I1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 50115.4" 1280×800CMO N154I1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 502015.4" 1280×800CMO N154I1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 510015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154XA-L01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 510115.4" 1280×800CMO N154I1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 511215.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5113WLMi15.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL07-02 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW04 (TN TFT)
Aspire 531515.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V7 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(B2) (TN TFT)
Aspire 551015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5520G15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW08 (TN TFT)
Aspire 553015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(B4) (TN TFT)
Aspire 560015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 568415.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5684WLMi15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 571515.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW04 VB (TN TFT)
Aspire 5720G15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT-L01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5720G-302G16Mi15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V7 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5920G15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V7 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(B2) (TN TFT), CMO N154L2-L05 Rev. C1 (TN TFT)
Extensa 230015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Extensa 410015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
Extensa 522015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TL)(E3) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154XA-L01 (TN TFT)
Extensa 543015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(CC) (TN TFT)
Extensa 562015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154XA-L01 (TN TFT)
Extensa 5620G15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
Extensa 563015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(CC) (TN TFT)
Extensa 5630G15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(B4) (TN TFT), CMO N154I3-L03 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW02 V7 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW08 V1 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 210015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V0 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 220015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 230015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02-01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 260015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V0 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 270015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 400015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02-01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 401015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 4100 D215.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 422215.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154XA-L01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 450015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02-01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 460015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 6592G-832G25N15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V6 (TN TFT)
A4D15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (A3) (TN TFT)
A6Je15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 (TN TFT)
A6KM15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT)
A6Q15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V9 (TN TFT)
F3Ja15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
F3Jc15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
F3Jr15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
F3Ke15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 (TN TFT)
F3Se15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
F5GL15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I3-L03 (TN TFT)
F5RL15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C3) (TN TFT)
F5V15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB03 (TN TFT)
F5VL15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
M51T15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX5 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
M50Vc15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW08 V1 (TN TFT)
N50VN15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I6-L03 (TN TFT)
W1J15.4" 1280×800Hitachi TX39D80VC1GAA (TN TFT)
X50M15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
X50V15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V1 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA154WB03 (TN TFT)
X50VL15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB03 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW02 (TN TFT)
JoyBook R5315.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V9 (TN TFT)
JoyBook R5615.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW08 V1 (TN TFT)
M375E15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT)
IFL9015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB05A (TN TFT)
JHL9015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C4) (TN TFT), CPT CLAA154WB05AN (TN TFT)
Presario R300015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario R310015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario R320015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario R330015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario R340015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario R400015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario R410015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario R420015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario V400015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario V410015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario V500015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario V600015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario X100015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario X110015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario X120015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario X130015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Presario X140015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 130015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 150115.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 152515.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L0D (TN TFT)
Inspiron 152615.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L09 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 600015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V2 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X2-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 640015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X3-L07 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 850015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X1-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 860015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 910015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Inspiron B13015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA04 (TN TFT)
Inspiron E150515.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V2 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Latitude 131L15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Latitude D62015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Latitude D80015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Latitude D81015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V2 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Latitude D82015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Precision M6515.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Amilo D163015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V5 (TN TFT)
Amilo D184015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V5 (TN TFT)
Amilo D184515.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V5 (TN TFT), QDI QD15TL01-01 (TN TFT)
Amilo L1310G15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01A (TN TFT)
Amilo L730015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Amilo Li 273215.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
Amilo M140015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Amilo M1437G15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA154WA01A (TN TFT)
Amilo Pa 151015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Amilo Pa 153815.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 V6 (TN TFT)
Amilo Pa 254815.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB05AN (TN TFT)
Amilo Pa 355315.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB03AN (TN TFT)
Amilo Pi 153615.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 V6 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA154WA01AQ (TN TFT)
Amilo Pi 155615.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA05A (TN TFT)
Amilo Pro V350515.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Esprimo Mobile D950015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(A3) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C3) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154AT07-201 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154AT07-F02 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
Esprimo Mobile D951015.4" 1280×800CMO N154I3-L02 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA154WB03 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX5 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154AT07-201 (TN TFT)
Esprimo Mobile V553515.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
LifeBook A602015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X9-L01 (TN TFT)
MT6840H15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
Compaq 53015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C1) (TN TFT)
Compaq 6720s15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW02 (TN TFT)
Compaq 6730b15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
Compaq 6730s15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT07-301 (TN TFT)
Compaq 6735s15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW08 V0 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(CB) (TN TFT), CMO N154I3-L03 Rev. C1 (TN TFT)
Compaq nx700015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), CMO N154I1-L01 (TN TFT)
Compaq nx701015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Compaq nx730015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V0 (TN TFT), QDI QD15TL02 V4 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TL)(AD) (TN TFT)
Compaq nx740015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 V4 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion 6840er15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C8) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv400015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv50**15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv5-1020er15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I3-L03 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv5-1075er15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW08 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv5-1178er15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(CB) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv51**15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-1070er15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv60**15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv600015.4" 1280×800QDI QD15TL02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C1) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv62**15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt300015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT), CMO N154I1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt310015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT), CMO N154I1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt320015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT), CMO N154I1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt330015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT), CMO N154I1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zt340015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT), CMO N154I1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zv500015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zv510015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zv520015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zv530015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zv600015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Pavilion zx500015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
3000 N10015.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y51015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW08 V0 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad SL50015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW08 V0 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX5 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WX7 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad Z60m15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I1 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X2 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
E500-S15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C3) (TN TFT)
LW60 P***15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TN TFT)
Mission X70015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X1-L02 (TN TFT)
MegaBook GX64015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT01-A03 (TN TFT)
MegaBook M67715.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L02 (TN TFT)
Explorer W50015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA04 (TN TFT)
Nautilus W551 15.4" 1280×800CMO N154I2-L05 (TN TFT)
Nautilus Z550(GS)15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA05A (TN TFT)
Voyager V55215.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 (TN TFT)
Voyager V55515.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 (TN TFT)
NP-R50CV0115.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
R4015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
R4115.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
R510-FS0L15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L01 (TN TFT)
R5515.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
R56015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB03A (TN TFT)
R60+15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
R7015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X3-L03 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-A140B15.4" 1280×800Hitachi TX39D80VC1GAA (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-FE41ZR15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW03 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-FZ21ZR15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154XB-L01 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-N31ZR15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB05AN (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-NS11SR15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WB03AN (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-NS235J15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX5 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Qosmio F1015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X4-L01 (TN TFT)
Qosmio F2015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154X4-L01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A1015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V8 (TN TFT)
Satellite A10015.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V0 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA154WA05A (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X3-L06 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154W01 (TL)(D4) (TN TFT)
Satellite A100-90615.4" 1280×800Sharp LQ154K1LB1B (TN TFT)
Satellite A20015.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X3-L06 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0T (TN TFT), AUO B154EW02 V5 (TN TFT)
Satellite A300-14815.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT07 (TN TFT)
Satellite A300-15G15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C8) (TN TFT)
Satellite A300-1EC15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C8) (TN TFT)
Satellite A300-1G215.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT07-T01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A300D15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW02 V1 (TN TFT)
Satellite A300D-20A15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT07-T01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A7015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A70-S236215.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A70-S24915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A70-S249115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A70-S25615.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A70-SP24915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A70-SP28615.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-S20615.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-S206115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-S22615.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-S226115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-S27615.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-S276215.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-SP24915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite A75-SP28615.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite L30015.4" 1280×800CMO N154I3-L03 (TN TFT)
Satellite L300-1A215.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX4 (TL)(C8) (TN TFT)
Satellite L300-11015.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT07-002 (TN TFT)
Satellite L300-11e15.4" 1280×800Samsung LTN154AT07-T01 (TN TFT)
Satellite L300-15V15.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154WX5 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite M30X15.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite M35X-S14915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite M35X-S149115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite M35X-S30915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite M35X-S309115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite M35X-S32915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite M35X-S329115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite M40-11015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), AUO B154EW01 (TN TFT)
Satellite M40-23715.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT)
Satellite M7015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA05A (TN TFT)
Satellite M70-12215.4" 1280×800LG.Philips LP154W01 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite M70-34015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA05A (TN TFT)
Satellite M7515.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA05A (TN TFT)
Satellite P1015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite P10-S42915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite P10-S429115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite P15-S40915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite P15-S409115.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite P15-S42015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite P15-S47015.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT)
Satellite P15-S47915.4" 1280×800CPT CLAA154WA01 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0C (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD154EX0S (TN TFT)
IQ Leader 57P15.4" 1280×800AUO B154EW01 V5 (TN TFT)
Aspire 200015.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P1 (TN TFT)
Ferrari 400015.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P1 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 6592G15.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L01 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 820015.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P1-L02 (TN TFT)
A4D15.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TN TFT)
G1S15.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P1-L03 (TN TFT), AUO B154SW01 (TN TFT)
M50V15.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L02 (TN TFT)
M50S15.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L02 (TN TFT)
V1J15.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L02 (TN TFT)
V1Jp15.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L02 (TN TFT)
V1S15.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L02 (TN TFT)
IFL9015.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L01 (TN TFT)
JHL9015.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WE2 (TL)(A7) (TN TFT)
Inspiron 850015.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P1 (TN TFT), Hitachi TX39D97VC1FAA (TN TFT)
Inspiron 860015.4" 1680×1050Hitachi TX39D97VC1FAA (TN TFT)
Latitude D82015.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P2-L04 (TN TFT)
Precision M6515.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P2-L04 (TN TFT)
Compaq 8510w15.4" 1680×1050CMO N154Z1-L01 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP154WE2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Compaq nc843015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TN TFT), QDI QD15AL01 V3 (TN TFT)
Compaq nx740015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154WE2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
3000 N10015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TL)(09) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R50015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TL)(06) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R6115.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TL)(06) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154P2-L05 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad R61i15.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P2-L05 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad SL50015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154WE2 (TL)(A5) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T50015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154WE2 (TL)(A5) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154P3-L02 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T6115.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TL)(06) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154P2-L05 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad Z60m15.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad Z61m15.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TN TFT)
R50015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154WE2 (TL)(A3) (TN TFT)
S1 P555R15.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154W02 (TL)(07) (TN TFT)
Mission X700S15.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P1 (TN TFT)
Nautilus V57015.4" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP154WE2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
NP-R7015.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P3-L04 (TN TFT)
R56015.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P3-L04 (TN TFT)
Satellite A300-1MT15.4" 1680×1050Samsung LTN154P1-L03 (TN TFT)
MacBook MA60*15.4" 1440×900AUO B154PW01 V0 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN154X7-L02 (TN TFT), CMO N154C1 (TN TFT)
MacBook Pro 15.4" 1440×900Samsung LTN154X7-L02 (TN TFT)
MacBook Pro A128615.4" 1440×900Samsung LTN154BT07-G01 (TN TFT)
F3Sv15.4" 1440×900CMO N154C3-L02 (TN TFT)
G1S15.4" 1440×900CMO N154C3-L01 (TN TFT)
M5015.4" 1440×900CMO N154C3-L01 (TN TFT)
M50SV15.4" 1440×900AUO B154PW02 (TN TFT)
M51Ta15.4" 1440×900CPT CLAA154WP05A (TN TFT)
X55SV15.4" 1440×900AUO B154PW02 V2 (TN TFT), CMO N154C3-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 152015.4" 1440×900Samsung LTN154W1-L01 (TN TFT)
Latitude E650015.4" 1440×900Samsung LTN154BT06-001 (TN TFT)
Esprimo Mobile D950015.4" 1440×900CMO N154C3-L01 (TN TFT), CPT CLAA154WP05 (TN TFT)
Esprimo Mobile D951015.4" 1440×900CPT CLAA154WP05 (TN TFT)
MacBook Pro Next Generation15.4" 2880×1440LG Display LP154WT1 (SJ)(A1) GD (S-IPS)
Inspiron 750015.4" 1280×1024Samsung LTN154E1-L01 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 850015.4" 1920×1200Samsung LTN154U1 (TN TFT)
Latitude D80015.4" 1920×1200Toshiba LTD154EZ0D (TN TFT)
Celsius Mobile H26515.4" 1920×1200Toshiba LTD154EZ5Z00 (TN TFT)
Celsius Mobile H27015.4" 1920×1200Toshiba LTD154EZ5Z00 (TN TFT)
Compaq nw844015.4" 1920×1200Toshiba LTD154EZ0C (TN TFT)
EliteBook 8530w15.4" 1920×1200LG.Philips LP154WU1 (TL)(C2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T6115.4" 1920×1200Samsung LTN154U2-L05 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T61p15.4" 1920×1200Samsung LTN154U2-L05 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad Z61p15.4" 1920×1200Samsung LTN154U2-L05 (TN TFT)
X5015.4" 1920×1200Samsung LTN154U1 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y50015.4" 1366×768BOE HB156WX1-100 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5625G15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW04 (TN TFT)
Aspire 554215.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V0 (TN TFT)
Aspire 555115.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5552G15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B3-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B156XW02 V2 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5553G15.6" 1366×768LG Display LP156WH3 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT)
Aspire 5740G15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5741G15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5742G15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT05 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5742z15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 5742ZG15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(EA) (TN TFT)
Aspire 5750G15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V6 (TN TFT)
Aspire 585015.6" 1366×768LG Display LP156WH3 (TL)(L1) (TN TFT)
Aspire 593515.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT), CMO N156B3-L02 (TN TFT)
Aspire TimeLine 5810TZ15.6" 1366×768LG Display LP156WH3 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Aspire TimeLine 582015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW04 (TN TFT), LG Display LP156WH3 (TL)(L1) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT11-A01 (TN TFT)
eMachines E52515.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT01 (TN TFT)
M3 581TG15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XTN (TN TFT)
A54H15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT24 (TN TFT)
K50AB15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT), AUO B156XW02 V0 (TN TFT)
K50C15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
K50DIJ15.6" 1366×768CPT CLAA156WA11A (TN TFT)
K50I15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V2 (TN TFT)
K50ID15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
K50IE15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
K50IJ15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
K50IN15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
K52JU 15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
K53E15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02-P09 (TN TFT)
K53S15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V6 (TN TFT)
K53SV15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
K55N15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT24-P02 (TN TFT)
N53JG15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(EA) (TN TFT)
N53SN15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(EA) (TN TFT)
N53SV15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02 (TN TFT)
X53S15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
X53U15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
X5DIJ15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
E512815.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L03 Rev.C1 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 1564 15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
Inspiron m5010 15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron N501015.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Inspiron N511015.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT), AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
G62-b11ER15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(QB) (TN TFT)
Compaq 61015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V0 (TN TFT)
Compaq 61515.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TN TFT), Innolux BT156GW01 V3 (TN TFT)
Compaq 62015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V3 (TN TFT)
Compaq CQ6115.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW01 V2 (TN TFT)
Compaq CQ61-321EN15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT01 (TN TFT)
Compaq Presario CQ56-122ER15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
Compaq Presario CQ60-107ER15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Compaq Presario CQ61-340EN15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH1 (TL)(A3) (TN TFT)
Envy 6-1031er15.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-LB1 rev. C1 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-1230er15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-133015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V0 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-2121er15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V2 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-2090er15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(Q1) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-3030er15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(QB) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-3105sl15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05-H01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-3109er15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05-H01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-3110er15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-3125er15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-315215.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05-H01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6029er15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L0B Rev.C2 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6050er15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L0B (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6051er15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(QB) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6077er15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(QB) (TN TFT), CMO N156B6-L0B (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6102er15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V2 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6176er15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6179er15.6" 1366×768Innolux BT156GW01 V3 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6b54er15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L0B (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-6b56er15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05-H07 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-7172er15.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-L41 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv6-7252er15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT20 (TN TFT)
Pavilion Jones dv6-1316er15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(Q1) (TN TFT)
ProBook 4510s15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(C2) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(D1) (TN TFT)
ProBook 4520s15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V2 (TN TFT), CMO N156B6-L0A Rev.C2 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT05-301 (TN TFT)
ProBook 4525s15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05 (TN TFT)
ProBook 4530s15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L0A (TN TFT)
ProBook 6550b15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(RB) (TN TFT)
Essential B570e15.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-L21 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad B56015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V2 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad B57015.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad B58015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT24-401 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G55015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G555-3B15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B3-L02 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G550 4CSWi-B15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02-L01 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G560-3B15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad G57515.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT16-L01 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad V57015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V2 (TN TFT), CMO N156BGE-L21 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT16-L01 (TN TFT), IVO M156NWR2 R0 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y50015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XTN02.0 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT24-L01 (TN TFT), LG Display LP156WH4 (TL)(N1) (TN TFT), CMO N156BGE-L21 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y55015.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L04 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y550-4TC-B15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y550p15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT), AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT), CMO N156B6-L04 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y56015.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y570S15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y58015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT24-L01 (TN TFT), AUO B156XTN02.0 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT24-L01 (TN TFT), LG Display LP156WH4 (TL)(N1) (TN TFT), CMO N156BGE-L21 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Z56015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Z565-115.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Z570-A115.6" 1366×768IVO M156NWR2 R0 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad SL51015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 V3 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T51015.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(BA) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T52015.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW02 (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad W51015.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
Packard Bell
EasyNote TJ-7515.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(E1) (TN TFT)
EasyNote TN6515.6" 1366×768CMO N156B3-L02 (TN TFT)
200B5B15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT19-001 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT19-801 (TN TFT)
300V5A15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT19 (TN TFT)
305V5A15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT19 (TN TFT)
NP-270E5E-X01RU15.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-L11 (TN TFT)
NP-300E5Z15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XTN02.1 (TN TFT)
NP-300V5A15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT17 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156AT18 (TN TFT)
NP-350V5C15.6" 1366×768AUO B156XTN02.1 (TN TFT)
NP-R54015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT020 (TN TFT)
NP-RC50815.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT15-C01 (TN TFT)
NP-RV51015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02 (TN TFT)
NP-RV51515.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-L21 (TN TFT)
R51915.6" 1366×768Innolux BT156GW01 (TN TFT)
R52015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT01 (TN TFT)
R53015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02-L01 (TN TFT)
R53815.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L0B (TN TFT)
R54015.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT02 (TN TFT)
R580-JS0415.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L06 (TN TFT)
RF511-S0615.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT23-801 (TN TFT)
SF51115.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT19-C01 (TN TFT)
VAIO SVE-151115.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-L41 (TN TFT)
VAIO SVF-152A29V15.6" 1366×768LG Display LP156WH3 (TL)(S1) (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-NW24M15.6" 1366×768CPT CLAA156WA01A (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-NW2ERE15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH1 (TL)(C1) (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EB3E4R15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EB3S1R15.6" 1366×768CPT CLAA156WA01A (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EB4L1R15.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-L21 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EB4S1R15.6" 1366×768CPT CLAA156WB11A (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EE3E1R15.6" 1366×768CPT CLAA156WA01A (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-EH1E1R15.6" 1366×768CMO N156BGE-L21 (TN TFT)
Satellite A665-14H15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L3D (TN TFT)
Satellite C650D-10Q15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
Satellite C66015.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH4 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
Satellite C660-16D15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05-U09 (TN TFT)
Satellite L500-1EK15.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH1 (TL)(C2) (TN TFT)
Satellite L500-1Q615.6" 1366×768AUO B156XW01 V2 (TN TFT)
Satellite L500-1WP15.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L06 (TN TFT)
Satellite L650D-12015.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
Satellite L650D-12D15.6" 1366×768Samsung LTN156AT05-S01 (TN TFT)
Satellite L65515.6" 1366×768CMO N156B6-L06 (TN TFT)
Satellite Pro C65015.6" 1366×768LG.Philips LP156WH2 (TL)(AA) (TN TFT)
N5315.6" 1920×1080AUO B156HW01 V5 (TN TFT)
N53SV15.6" 1920×1080AUO B156HW01 V5 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y50015.6" 1920×1080LG Display LP156WF1 (TL)(C1) (TN TFT), LG Display LP156WF1 (TL)(B2) (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y58015.6" 1920×1080LG Display LP156FH1 (TL)(C1) (TN TFT), LG Display LP156WF1 (TL)(B2) (TN TFT)
ThinkPad W52015.6" 1920×1080AUO B156HW01 V4 (TN TFT)
MegaBook GT60 0NC15.6" 1920×1080LG Display LP156WF1 (TL)(F3) (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-SE1X1R15.6" 1920×1080LG Display LP156WF4 (SL)(B1) (AH-IPS)
N55S15.6" 1600×900Samsung LTN156KT02 (TN TFT)
EliteBook 8560p15.6" 1600×900LG Display LP156WD1 (TL)(D3) (TN TFT)
ProBook 6560b15.6" 1600×900AUO B156RW01 V1 (TN TFT)
ThinkPad T52015.6" 1600×900LG Display LP156WD1 (TL)(B2) (TN TFT), Samsung LTN156KT02 (TN TFT)
550P5C15.6" 1600×900Samsung LTN156KT068 (TN TFT)
700Z5A15.6" 1600×900Samsung LTN156KT068 (TN TFT)
NP-550P5C15.6" 1600×900Samsung LTN156KT06-801 (TN TFT)
Solo 930015.7" 1280×1024LG.Philips LP157E1 (B2) (TN TFT)
Solo 935015.7" 1280×1024LG.Philips LP157E1 (B2) (TN TFT)
Aspire 692016.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN160AT01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 693016.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN160AT01 (TN TFT)
F50G16.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN160AT01 (TN TFT)
G60VX16.0" 1366×768Hannstar HSD160PHW1 (TN TFT)
K6116.0" 1366×768Hannstar HSD160PHW1-B (TN TFT)
K61IC16.0" 1366×768Hannstar HSD160PHW1-B (TN TFT)
N61Da16.0" 1366×768Hannstar HSD160PHW1-B (TN TFT)
PRO64V16.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN160AT06 (TN TFT)
G60-23016.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN160AT01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN160AT02 (TN TFT)
MegaBook VR630X16.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN160AT01 (TN TFT)
Satellite A660-15616.0" 1366×768Samsung LTN160AT06-U01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 6935g16.0" 1920×1080Samsung LTN160HT01-A02 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-F216.0" 1920×1080AUO B160HW02 V0 (TN TFT)
Presario 300016.0" 1280×1024Sharp LQ160E1LW02 (TN TFT)
Satellite 195516.0" 1280×1024Sharp LQ160E1LW02 (TN TFT), Sharp LQ160E1LW04 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-F116.4" 1920×1080Sharp LQ164M1LD4C D1 (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-F11E1R16.4" 1600×900Sharp LQ164D1LD4A (TN TFT)
VAIO VPC-F23M1R16.4" 1600×900Sharp LQ164D1LD4A (TN TFT)
Aspire 170017.0" 1280×1024QDI QD17EL07 (TN TFT)
Aspire 171017.0" 1280×1024QDI QD17EL07 (TN TFT)
Aspire 7720G-934G32Mn17.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170CT02-001 (TN TFT)
MacBook Pro 17.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170CT10 (TN TFT)
G2S17.0" 1920×1200AUO B170UW02 V0 (TN TFT)
M70Sa17.0" 1920×1200AUO B170UW02 V0 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 920017.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170WU-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 930017.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170WU-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN170WU-L02 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 940017.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170WU-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN170WU-L02 (TN TFT)
Vostro 170017.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170U1-L02 (TN TFT)
XPS GEN217.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170WU-L01 (TN TFT)
XPS M17017.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170WU-L01 (TN TFT)
EliteBook 8740w17.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170CT12-001 (TN TFT)
IdeaPad Y71017.0" 1920×1200AUO B170UW02 V0 (TN TFT)
MegaBook GX700-2117.0" 1920×1200Samsung LTN170WU-L02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 9410AWSMi17.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170WX-L05 (TN TFT)
Aspire 9424WSMi17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW03 (TN TFT)
Aspire 951317.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW04 V0 (TN TFT)
Extensa 7620-5A2G25Mi17.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170X2-L02 (TN TFT)
TravelMate 562317.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170WX-L05 (TN TFT)
A7R17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW01 V1 (TN TFT)
A7Rc17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW03 V4 (TN TFT)
F7Sr17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW06 V2 (TN TFT)
G2Pb17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW04 V0 (TN TFT)
G2S17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW04 V0 (TN TFT), AUO B170PW07 V0 (TN TFT)
M570R117.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW03 (TN TFT)
Amilo Xi152617.0" 1440×900QDI QD17TL02 V2 (TN TFT)
Amilo Xi154617.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW01 V1 (TN TFT)
Compaq nx942017.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW03 V3 (TN TFT)
Pavilion 6830s17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW06 V3 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv800017.0" 1440×900CMO N170C1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv900017.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW03 V4 (TN TFT), CMO N170C2-L02 (TN TFT), CMO N170C3-L01 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN170X2-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv9078ea17.0" 1440×900CMO N170C1-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv920017.0" 1440×900CMO N170C3-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv930017.0" 1440×900CMO N170C3-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv940017.0" 1440×900CMO N170C3-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv950017.0" 1440×900CMO N170C3-L01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv960017.0" 1440×900CMO N170C3-L01 (TN TFT)
Explorer W70017.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170WX-L05 (TN TFT)
M4017.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170WX-L01 (TN TFT)
R71017.0" 1440×900CMO N170C2-L02 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN170X2-L02 (TN TFT)
Qosmio X30017.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170X2-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite M60-13*17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW01 V1 (TN TFT)
Satellite P200-10C17.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170X2-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P200D-12O17.0" 1440×900Samsung LTN170X2-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P300D-20U17.0" 1440×900AUO B170PW03 V4 (TN TFT)
Inspiron 930017.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Compaq nx942017.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Nautilus V77017.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
M5017.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P100-22117.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P100-22217.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P25-S50717.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P25-S60717.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P25-S67017.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P25-S67617.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite P35-S60917.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170WP-L02 (TN TFT)
Satellite X20017.0" 1680×1050Samsung LTN170P1-L02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 180017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171W01 (A4) (TN TFT)
Aspire 7113 WSMi17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Aspire 7520G17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
Aspire 772017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
Aspire 9301AWSM17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Aspire 9413ZWSMi17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
TravelMate 562317.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(01) (TN TFT)
A7S17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
A7Sv17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
A7U17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
F7F17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
F7Sr17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B1) (TN TFT)
Compaq nw944017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WX2 (A4)(K8) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv7-1169er17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(N2) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv800017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WX2 (A4)(K9) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP171WP6 (TL)(04) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv810017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WX2 (A4)(K9) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv820017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WX2 (A4)(K9) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv900017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv920017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv9241ea17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv930017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv950017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv960017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv9700T17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv9700Z17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv972017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv972717.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv973017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv974017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv975017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv9775eg17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv981017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv982017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv983017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv9833er17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B5) (TN TFT)
Pavilion z700017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171W01 (A4) (TN TFT)
Pavilion zd800017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171W01 (A4)(K1) (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-AR11MR17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP7 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-AR41MR17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP7 (TL)(A3) (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-AR150G17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP7 (TN TFT)
VAIO VGN-AR171MR17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TN TFT)
Qosmio G1017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP3 (A4) (TN TFT)
Qosmio G2017.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP5 (TL)(02) (TN TFT)
Satellite L350-14617.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(N1) (TN TFT)
Satellite M60-16417.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WX2 (TL)(A2) (TN TFT)
Satellite M60-18217.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WX2 (A4)(K7) (TN TFT)
Satellite P200-14H17.1" 1440×900LG.Philips LP171WP4 (TL)(B4) (TN TFT)
Satellite P3017.1" 1440×900LG Display LP171WX1 (TN TFT)
W2P17.1" 1920×1200LG.Philips LP171WU1 (A4)(K4) (TN TFT)
Compaq nw944017.1" 1920×1200LG.Philips LP171WU1 (A4)(K3) (TN TFT)
Compaq nw944017.1" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP171WE2 (TL)(01) (TN TFT), LG.Philips LP171WE2 (TL)(03) (TN TFT)
Compaq nx942017.1" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP171WE2 (TL)(01) (TN TFT)
LW70 P***17.1" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP171W02 (A3) (TN TFT)
Satellite X20017.1" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP171WE3 (TL)(A3) (TN TFT)
Satellite X20517.1" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP171WE3 (TN TFT)
Aspire 7736ZG17.3" 1600×900LG Display LP173WD1 (TN TFT)
Aspire 7740G17.3" 1600×900AUO B173RW01 (TN TFT)
Aspire V3-77117.3" 1600×900AUO B173RW01 V3 (TN TFT), LG Display LP173WD1 (TL)(A4) (TN TFT), LG Display LP173WD1 (TP)(A1) (TN TFT), CMO N173FGE-L21 (TN TFT), AUO B173RTN01.1 (TN TFT)
K73S17.3" 1600×900Samsung LTN173KT01 (TN TFT)
Compaq CQ7117.3" 1600×900Samsung LTN173KT01 (TN TFT)
Compaq CQ71-425er17.3" 1600×900AUO B173RW01 V0 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv7-2250er17.3" 1600×900AUO B173RW01 V0 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv7-3180us17.3" 1600×900LG Display LP173WD1 (TL)(C2) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv7-4080er17.3" 1600×900CMO N173O6-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv7-4100er17.3" 1600×900LG Display LP173WD1 (TL)(C3) (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv7-6052er17.3" 1600×900Samsung LTN173KT01-K01 (TN TFT)
Pavilion dv7-6135dx17.3" 1600×900CMO N173O6-L02 (TN TFT)
Pavilion g7-1052er17.3" 1600×900LG Display LP173WD1 (TL)(C3) (TN TFT)
ProBook 4710s17.3" 1600×900AUO B173RW01 (TN TFT)
Packard Bell
EasyNote LJ65-DT-002RU17.3" 1600×900LG Display LP173WD1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)
NP-300E7A-A01RU17.3" 1600×900AUO B173RW01 V4 (TN TFT), Samsung LTN173KR01-002 (TN TFT)
NP-300E7A-S04RU17.3" 1600×900Samsung LTN173KT02-801 (TN TFT)
R71917.3" 1600×900Samsung LTN173KT01 (TN TFT)
R72017.3" 1600×900Samsung LTN173KT01 (TN TFT)
R73017.3" 1600×900CMO N173O6-L02 Rev. C1 (TN TFT)
R78017.3" 1600×900AUO B173RW01 V0 (TN TFT)
VAIO SVE-171E13V17.3" 1600×900CMO N173HGE-L11 (TN TFT)
Satellite L675-11117.3" 1600×900Samsung LTN173KT01-T01 (TN TFT)
Satellite L775-A1W17.3" 1600×900LG Display LP173WD1 (TL)(N1) (TN TFT)
G75VW17.3" 1920×1080Samsung LTN173HT02 (TN TFT)
K7317.3" 1920×1080Hannstar HSD173PUW1-A (TN TFT)
N73Jf17.3" 1920×1080Hannstar HSD173PUW1-A (TN TFT)
Envy 17-1120er17.3" 1920×1080LG Display LP173WF2 (TP)(B1) (TN TFT)
NP700G7A-S0217.3" 1920×1080Samsung LTN173HT02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 8530G 654G32Mi18.4" 1680×945Samsung LTN184KT01-A01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 893018.4" 1680×945Samsung LTN184KT01-A01 (TN TFT)
Aspire 894318.4" 1920×1080CMO N184H6-L02 (TN TFT)
K93S18.4" 1920×1080CMO N184HGE-L21 (TN TFT)
Amilo Xi365018.4" 1920×1200Samsung LTN184HT01-F02 (TN TFT)
Aspire 9920G20.1" 1680×1050AUO M201EW02 V9 (TN TFT)
Pavilion HDX900020.1" 1680×1050LG.Philips LP201WE1 (TL)(A1) (TN TFT)

August 15, 2005—March 12, 2014
Maxim Proskurnya, Anton Pavlenko (aka Anton516)
Sources: PC Hub,, Astra Service