LCD-panels manufacturers (lists of panels in mass production)

LCD-monitors reviews

LCD-panels resellers (usefull LCD databases, sometimes you may find rare items)

  • Panelook” (China)—LCD-panel exchange center, contains vast LCD-panels characteristics database.
  • Compel” (Russia)—some datasheets and specs on LCD panels.
  • PC Hub” (Singapore)—largest PC part catalogue including rare and obsolete LCD-units.
  • Impact Сomputers&Electronics”—huge catalogue of PC parts including LCD-panels.
  • Beyondinfinite” (India, Hong-Kong, China, South Korea)—some datasheets and specs on LCD panels.
  • EEChain” (China)
  • Displaze” (USA, GB)

Enthusiast's resources

  • DisplaySpecifications—multilingual huge catalogue of LCD monitors, capable to compare up to 4 specifications in parallel. Most of specifications are conducted with LCD panel model name.
  • The Lagom LCD monitor test pages (Netherland)—big collection of the online-tests for TFT by Han-Kwang Nienhuys.